How to apply eye shadow?

woman simply must be able to do makeup.The greatest attention should be paid to eye makeup, but rather how to properly apply the shadows.It is an art, the mastery of which can take a long time.This is due to the fact that the strict rules applying eye makeup does not exist.The choice of technique depends on the cut and fit the eye, face shape.In addition, day and evening makeup - very different things.

How to properly apply the shadows?You should start with the selection.There are crisp, compact, baked and cream shade.It is believed that the most difficult to apply the crisp shadows, as they can go smoothly.

most commonly used compact as they are convenient to carry around, which means that it will be easy to fix make-up if necessary.

Shadows on the basis of the cream have their own characteristics.First, they should not be used if the skin is oily eyelids, and secondly, such shade more than 3-4 hours are not kept.In addition, they can only apply a special brush or sponge, from the heat of the hands they can melt.Another point - a cream shade is not necessary to impose the foundation.

Baked shadows - it's somewhere between crumbly and compact shadows.What

choose shade - each woman decides herself.The main thing - to take into account all the peculiarities of a particular species.

next step - the color choice.The most common use for eye makeup shadow of two colors.You can choose any two shades that blend together.More light is used as the base, dark placed emphasis.Choosing the colors in each case depends on several factors, including the color of hair, eyes and skin.

It is the turn to answer the question of how to apply the shadow.First of all, the eyelid skin should be cleaned from the remnants of makeup and other contaminants.Then applied to the skin moisturizer and base.Color latter should be the same as the color of the century.

answer to the question of how to cast shadows directly depends on the make-up of the day in question or evening.Day makeup more natural, unobtrusive, neat.He has only slightly emphasize the eyes.It is important to apply day makeup in natural light.Occasionally daily use makeup and bright colors, such as black or dark.However, it should be done very carefully.How to apply the same color shade for daytime makeup?First applied to the eyelid shade of light, and then from the inner to the outer edge of the eyelids on the lash line and at the outer corner of the century - to placed accents.

Evening make-up is much brighter than the day.By the way, to put it better than under artificial light.Here are allowed brilliant shade of bright colors, rich black, eyeliner, and more.How to apply the shadow of black in the evening make-up?There are some fairly simple techniques.For example, shadows can be applied on the line separating the movable and immovable eyelid, or diagonally from the inner corner to the outer corner of the upper part of the eye.One can use the technique described above, only the black to be more complete.

Another important aspect: the boundary between colors is not to be clear, it is necessary to shade the special brush for a smooth transition.Also comes with the shadows and in the outer corner of the eye.Clear lines should not be.For shading can be used to shade lighter tone than those that are placed accents.

How to apply shadows wet?This method is used in the case when they want to prevent the shedding of shadows or when you need to make a brighter, radiant makeup.For this brush before applying makeup lightly moistened with water.

By following these recommendations, you can learn how to cast shadows, but it is so important for the appearance of a woman.