How to install and remove a footnote in Word

Knowing how to install and remove the footnotes in Word, lets you properly format text document, giving it the right and finished look.In addition, the footnotes are often a prerequisite for the creation of jobs for students in universities, making acquaintance with this element format is very important when writing term papers, diplomas, and so on. D.

Footnotes in Word are of two kinds: conventional and end.They are used to bring different kinds of supplementary information, links, and so on. N. The difference between the two lies in the fact that conventional footnotes appear at the bottom of the page, and the end, as the name suggests - at the end of the document.The same file may contain in their structure both species.

Footnotes in Word consists of two interrelated parts.It is a sign, and text.Typically, the characters using the numbers, but this time can be adjusted using the letters or other custom characters.You can also modify the separator, which cuts off the basic contents of the document from the text of footnotes.Automatic setting makes a very convenient moment modify this tool when a particular footnote to delete or move.This is due to the fact that all changes with respect to other links (e.g., ordinal numbering) performed by the program as - automatically.

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Footnotes in Word are put quite simply, but with the release of new versions of this popular text editor, there have been some changes in the algorithms of work that requires an additional reference for those who are used to using older versions of the program.It should be noted that the popularity of these "legacy" is still very high, so you should learn to work with footnotes in both versions.

Footnotes in Word 2003 are set via the menu "Insert", where you have to choose podpunkut "link."As a result, the user will have access to all features and formatting options.All option names speak for themselves, which guarantees ease of development of this element everyone.

Footnotes in Word 2007 and later versions can be supplied via the menu "links" where to find a schematic illustration with the words "insert a footnote."After you have selected the type, numbering method, type text, formatting starts to appear in the document.

For many users had difficulties in cases where you want to delete the note.However, this procedure is carried out quite simply.You only have to remove the reference mark placed on the text of the main content.Please be aware that the removal of the text of the callout at the bottom of the page or at the end of the document does not give the desired result.

can gain access to content by simply pointing the cursor on a footnote, or the "View" menu.It is also very easy to move or copy is carried out.To move, you need a mouse to drag a sign of the new location.To copy a similar procedure is carried out, but the pre-press key «Ctrl».

knowledge and skills use of footnotes is one of the key points when formatting the file, the mastery of which will make it easy to create and modify the structure of complex documents.