Maltese Blue Tiger - Myth or Reality?

Maltese Blue Tiger is almost a mythical creature, because in addition to eyewitness accounts, there is no evidence of its existence.Until today, the people could not find any dead animal or alive, not even photos.Although from time to time there are reports from the Chinese province of Fujian, as well as from Korea and Burma about the appearance of a tiger.Despite its name to Malta the animal is irrelevant.It's all in color of his hair.According to the description of eyewitnesses, a predator has a dark gray stripes with a bluish fur.

so happens that domestic cats bluish-gray shade called the Maltese, because the island a lot of them.For the first time an unusual predator the world has learned from the missionary and hunter Harry R. Caldwell.American during his travels in China killed dozens of big cats, but the Maltese Blue Tiger he resisted, but only teased and disappeared like a ghostly apparition.If you believe Caldwell, an animal he saw around Fuzhou.First, he took him for a peasant bent in a blue

dress, but then saw the head of a tiger.Hunter could not immediately shoot as close to the children running around, and while he tried on and changed the position predator escaped.

Maltese Blue Tiger and met locals.The Chinese claimed that the nearby villages roam really "black devils".Caldwell repeatedly with his son organized the expedition to find this mysterious animal, he even managed to find scraps of his coat on the branches of bushes, but no more.Maltese Tiger has a very beautiful coat.Basic color - blue-gray on the belly it's a little lighter on this background is very clearly visible black stripes.

Rather, it is a subspecies of the South China tiger, is on the verge of extinction.It is likely that individuals with similar coloration may have completely disappear from the face of the earth, but from time to time there are reports about their appearance.Many skeptics believe that the Maltese Blue Tiger there, because there is no evidence.Caldwell can not be called a liar, but still no pictures or evidence of experts.Some researchers believe that people can perceive normal for Maltese yellow tiger blow our filthy hands.

can not openly deny the existence of such an animal.Maltese Blue Tiger can come through a combination of gene degeneration and non-agouti.Of course, it is very difficult, because these predators would be almost black or gray with subtle stripes.However, in nature, nothing is impossible, because the black big cats too long been regarded as a myth and fiction up to that time, until it was discovered their hide.Animal melanistic there, one of them may be the Maltese Tiger.

Photo predator could not do that to anyone else, but it must be recognized that in some isolated populations genetic drift can cause abnormal coat color.If the mutation has no negative impact on the development of the animal, the species is able to spread quite quickly.If the Maltese tigers exist, they are not more than three dozen.