How to install: a basic guide

In a nutshell, the program for computers (or software) - is a set of components, without which the computer will be unable to comply fully with all of its functions.At the head of software that is installed on a personal computer (PC), of course, is the operating system.The first place for almost twenty years takes "Microsoft" with his "Windows" ("98", "XP", "7", "Vista").Today, the product of Bill Gates installed almost 90% of computers worldwide.Therefore, if you ask yourself the question of how to install the program, you need to understand that almost all of them are designed precisely under the "Windows".

In other words, the operating system - this is only a basic set of programs that combined a graphical user interface.By default, the "Windows" includes such popular programs as "Internet Explorer", video and audio player "Windows Media Player", text editors, and so on. However, their capacity is clearly not enough for advanced users, so installing software on a computer - a mandatory stepafter installing "Windows".

vast majority of programs are distributed in the "packed" (archived) form.Therefore the normal process of the installation they must be "unpacked" (for this fit "WinRAR" or any other data logger).The operating system "Windows" installation process in most cases is automatic and requires minimal user activity.Choose a folder or create a new one of the hard disk, and then "unpack" it exe-file of the installation program.Then double-click the left mouse button, and run the file now select the folder in which will be located all the components of the program.Make sure that the disk had enough space (typically programs check this option and issue a notification), otherwise the program will not be fully installed.

Often those who do not know how to install, run the wrong files.Normally the installer file called setup , or install .By default, all programs are installed into the same folder - Program Files, which is on the local drive in the root directory of "Windows".However, if you install a computer game, it is better to change the settings, specifying the path to another drive that does not clutter the drive running large files.

It also happens that the user knows how to install a program, and doing everything right, but nothing works.The fact is that for the proper operation of some software requires certain components.For example, a computer game 2012 release is unlikely to "go" without the latest version of "DirectX", and the audio player - without codecs installed on the sound ("K-Lite Codec Pack" and others.).After installing some powerful applications and games may also need to restart your computer.

Remove Programs (uninstall) must come from a special manager that you can call from the Control Panel ("Start" - "Control Panel" - "Add or Remove Programs").Select unwanted program and click "Remove."Here you can install the missing components of the "Windows" (eg, "Word") c disk.Some programs also apply to the special image file format that have .iso or .img .To open this format will suit any program to create virtual images ("Alcohol", "DAEMON Tools").

this basic information is sufficient to figure out how to install the program.