How to charm and how to fall in love with a guy correspondence?

So you met a guy on the Internet.As a rule, the style of communication depends on which resource was the acquaintance.Most popular is the social network "VKontakte", "Classmates" and various online dating sites.Communication usually begins like this: "Hi!How are you? "Or assessment of photos on the page.The main thing is to have a little chat primitive and dry over time grew into an original love correspondence.For a start, lovely girl, deal in itself.Before you learn how to fall in love with a guy correspondence, think about virtual communication - a way to diversify your everyday life?Do you not think that an Internet acquaintance with this man turned into the real world?Remember that we always responsible for those whom we tame.If you fall in love with a guy correspondence and give him false hope - a way for you to raise self-esteem, it is ignoble of you and needs no comment.

Love correspondence

But if virtual communication partner you really emotionally affected, then go ahead!It should be understood that the correspondence may be in love, but love itself.Especially in the Internet, people tend to fall in love with the image that they have submitted.In real life it is often far from the virtual.So cute girl, how to attract a guy correspondence?

Rules sooblaznitelnits

Dear girls, you should know that the Internet is much easier to like the guy, than in real life.This is due to the fact that there is no direct contact with the man.So you will worry less and better think about their message.

Read their status in social networks and information.Despite the fact that many tend to distort personal information about themselves (hide age, specify the unreal place of work or study), though it is not recommended to do so.If you decide to embellish your profile, you can do so only superficially, without focusing on anything in particular.According to some, in the virtual world smaller guys are focused on the external appearance of the partner.But it is not.Try to load into their social networks interesting photos.After the appearance reflects the inner qualities of man.Men are known to love the eyes.The only avoid banality and vulgarity.If you want to give a shot an erotic tinge, it should be fine.

How to Attract a Man Pen?If you are first noticed in the network photo or comment handsome young man, it is possible to show their positive attitude to it.For example, to evaluate liked his picture or original to say hello!At the same time, take care that the reports were drawn up correctly.Carefully grasp the meaning of the answers to the interlocutor, to build a harmonious comments in response.

How to fall in love with a guy correspondence

before you realize that you want to continue to talk to the guy, and even make him love me, gather as much information about it.What a hobby he prefers?In a professional field involved?Or pass a specialty school?

great if you know how to cheer for.Correspondence can be witty joke or successfully inserted during intercourse anecdote.Feeling that the guy feels interest in you, does not hide his own emotions to it.

naturalness always attracts men.It will be a pleasure to read the line that the thought of him, bored and even care.It will be superfluous to ask the person about how his favorite cat sick from any food or a dinner companion?Remember that the more points of contact there is a guy you have, the easier it will arise his interest in you and mutual attraction.

How to fall in love with a guy correspondence?The main thing in the whole comply with the measure.In response to the message is not to pull, but short pauses in dialogue are welcome!So you give the other person time to assess the correspondence communication with you and the possibility of a little nervous because of his absence!

What not to do when communicating?

in virtual communication make the focus more on fun topics than sad.So you answered your own question: "How to charm a guy correspondence?"Plaintive and aching person unable to hold a long-term focus.If you have even complained about something in your life partner by correspondence, do not make it a daily habit.After all, your goal is to attract and fall in love with a guy correspondence, not just to find a friend who can complain.

reaction of the guy on the posts partner

So you tried to follow the advice that was given above.As for the correspondence to understand the guy?Firstly, if you have established between fairly dense dialogue, it must appear an emotional connection.This you will easily understand the desire of men as much as possible, and often correspond with you throughout the day.He will scribble you a message with a question: "Where have you gone?"or "I'm bored without you."

Second, he will share his thoughts, desires, plans and advice with you.This is what we need!You are on the right track.If a guy in his letters unknowingly writes "I was thinking about us", "we are with you together", "two", rest assured that you almost achieved their goal.

few words of seduction

How to seduce a guy correspondence?Of course, when you are not in doubt is that nice young man, you should not give up sexual identity when communicating with him.It is a disarming way to seduce a guy correspondence.Whether you choose in this erotic or sensual description smilies their tender emotion or action - a matter of taste and imagination!

Steps to a real meeting

Any virtual correspondence - a springboard to build a relationship, of course, if you do not want to stay for a guy just nice object from the Internet.Yielding harmonious communication, you are sure to love the guy asks you a phone number or offer a real meeting.It all depends on your geographic location with him, and financial capabilities.

Remember that in search of an answer to the question of how to fall in love with a guy correspondence, you too are captured loving awe.Therefore, before a meeting with a partner do not invent itself nothing more about it.Rely only on the information and the way that the time to engage in your subconscious.All this will help you avoid the negative emotions in the future!What if the guy, despite his message that attracted you, pulls a real meeting?First, you yourself can offer together to dine in the cafe, if you live in the same locality.Secondly, try to discreetly find out the cause of this behavior.

It is not a representative of the stronger sex can confess to their financial difficulties at the moment.Get tact, patience and understanding in this matter.Do not hesitate to tell the guy that willing to wait, or offer its own version, which is not burdensome in monetary sense for both.Your delicate attention, a positive attitude and gentle energy emanating from emails - the necessary conditions for a guy in love with you even for a virtual correspondence.