Running in a dream

dream, which has to run, probably at least once, but it was many.We are running away from something terrible, we are catching up, but we're still ahead.We feel tired, we do not have enough breath, but too dangerous to stay.And when power is running out, and the pursuer was about to grab us, we suddenly open his eyes ... As a rule, we wake up in a sweat, though really had to run a hundred meters in a dream.The heart beats often-often from stressful experiences.And yet we are happy that we woke up ... But sometimes the dream does not come out from the head and is haunted.What does it mean - to run in a dream?

The surest way to know the truth - look into dream book.But which one to choose?After all, everyone interprets the meaning of "running in his sleep" in different ways.For example, "Hasse Dreams" reports that a successful situation at the moment may change quickly deteriorate.But "modern interpreter of dreams" did say: if you run away (especially if you dream jailbreak), the business is waiting for you great success.But if you are caught up in a dream, it means that you must be careful in real life - it is quite possible that someone builds intrigues you - do not fall into the trap.But if such a dream a dream woman, it is said that her lover unfaithful to her.

Before deciphering your dream, you need to remember all its details.It is not enough simply type in the search box of the Internet - "running in his sleep," it is desirable to also remember from whom you ran away, were you able to escape where you did it, and maybe you dreamed that struggled raced someone else ...After you formulate your question, remember all the details, you will be easier to find your dream books interpret dreams, and your sleep will be better understood.

For example, if you are running one, it means that you are ahead of all its competitors in the conduct of affairs.But if you are participating in a marathon now, this may presage some joyful prazdnetstvo mass, which will soon happen.If a woman is forced to run away from a man in a dream, it means only that she was disappointed in the relationship.Perhaps in a dream there is the feeling that you're running, and do not know where or why.This is to ensure that in the near future you can expect a financial collapse or loneliness.If you feel that you are very tired while running in a dream, it may be a sign that you will hand over their positions greatly in affairs.

But other downers say that running in a dream - a happy sign.If the running speed is very large, in real life a runner, that is, you can expect a long and exhausting road trip, which will be a little nicer.

What else could this dream mean?Psychologists interpret it this way: in a dream to flee, especially to get away from the animals - a symbol of your fears.Such dreams often dream of children.However, if an adult sleep repeated, then it is likely to develop a phobia.And this is a mental disorder.

So, as you can see, a lot of dream interpretations.Some people believe them, others believe that it is not true.But what if you have a dream and got excited thinking?It is possible that it has any meaning?No wonder that our ancestors believed that our dreams - this is the message of the gods.There are beliefs that dreams - this is a warning to people who send their deceased loved ones, so that they were more cautious.And if decipher them, it may be possible to prevent some unpleasant event or disaster.

But a clear scientific position and justification of such a phenomenon, like a dream, no one has not yet been given.He studied for many years, but can not understand what it is actually.So why, in any case, does not know what it means to dream that we care?For example, if the long run in a dream?Perhaps it will be able to warn people from danger.That's just before the climb to the dream book, and check the value of their sleep, pay attention to the date when you were forced to flee in a dream.Why do it?Each month there are numbers, when dreams do not come true.Such days are called empty.Usually, it is 2, 16 and 27 days of each month.If the dates coincide with one of them, then you can forget about sleep - it is empty, is not prophetic.