Highlighter: What is it and how to use it?

highlighter helps hide spots, making skin tone even, to identify some areas of the face.Due to the effect it creates radiant skin that decorates any kind of makeup.In addition, it means quietly on his face that says it considerable advantages over other methods of correction.Highlighter - it is also an indispensable tool for the correct makeup during the day.

highlighter makeup artists called the necessary means to create a bright image.It is used to correct the shape of the face and the alignment of his tone.

highlighter principle of operation is very simple - it creates conditions for the reflection of light on the skin, while moisturizing and nourishing it, that is making look younger and brighter.

How to choose a highlighter?

highlighter for the face, as well as other tools for creating tone has several colors, you can choose the best for skin color.Although the coincidence of his tone and tone the face is not as critical as, for example, when choosing a powder, yet swarthy beauties should not choose shades of peach and ivory not decorate ruddy cheeks.

However, the use of seemingly inappropriate tone can and should be.Here is an example of using "inappropriate" highlighter colors for different purposes:

1. Correction of pigment spots on dark skin - pink, peach shades;

2. highlights areas on the cheeks and forehead pale skin - a shade of ivory, light colors;

3. Correction blue circles under the eyes and on the pale peach skin - salmon hue highlighter;

4. bruises and bags under the eyes to beige and light skin - cream shades.

choosing to store highlighter, blend it into your hand, and see whether there is greasy as often certain kinds of funds for oily skin leave oily traces, trying to moisten it further.View the suitability of the color to the selected type of correction should also be in the store, even if the seller does not agree to conduct "trials" on the face.Try it on the areas of skin that are planning to apply makeup.Of course, before going for such a purchase is best not painted.Buy your highlighter perfect shade - get the magic remedy for the natural sculptural makeup!

highlighter There are several types, depending on the consistency and purpose, as well as the type of skin for which they are suitable:

1. liquid - in the form of a cream;

2. Dry - in the form of a powder or powder into spheres;

3. soft - in the form of a pencil (the most common).

How to apply highlighter?

Because this product is intended to correct only certain areas, but not a complete change of tone, then apply highlighter should only areas that will adjust the shape of the face.Typically, such sites are:

Speakers line cheekbones .At the top is applied bright light highlighter at a sunken part - dark powder or other dimming matting agent.This type of correction will create a long face, hide the completeness, correct the oval or square shape.

under arched eyebrows - to emphasize the eyes, brighten the area above the corner of his eye brows and make more visible.This technique is especially suitable for the face in the form of an inverted triangle, as well as an oval or circle, if you need to create an image with clear lines.

projecting part of the chin and the point on the upper lip - a modicum of light to highlight the lips.

eyes with adjacent bridge - to disguise dark circles.

How to use highlighter?

method of application and color depends on the ultimate goal.For example, in the neck, cheeks, forehead to put the best light haylater to make the emphasis on these areas and create the illusion of lights.This can be done using a broad brush to cause or feathered means.

If we are talking about the cheeks, lower jaw, neck, it is necessary to use dark shades and brush smaller.

To adjust the eyebrow line, remove the blue circles under the eyes and improve the shape of the chin and lips, you want to apply a light highlighter and a thin woolen brush - it is literally an art work that may require training.

Use the highlighter even daily makeup will look unusual and fresh and will make the face younger.

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