Hiring: How to successfully pass an interview with the employer

you've found a suitable position for himself in the newspaper, on the Internet or your employer chose the first-class summary and invited you to the meeting.In order not to ruin it with a bang, it is necessary to undertake thorough preparations because of how your first meeting will be held with the employer, will depend on hiring, and thus the success of your financial situation.Here we tell you how to successfully pass an interview with the employer and to secure the employment.

your first personal contact with the employer may be a telephone conversation.Do not underestimate him, because, as everyone knows, the strongest impression - this is the first.Therefore, if you are already in a phone conversation you show the employer's business and responsible partner, your chances of being accepted for the position will increase.To do this during a call to find out the surname, first name, position of the employer and its contact details by which they can be contacted in the event of force majeure.Also fix the address of the place and time of the meeting.

After successful phone calls, starting immediate preparations for the meeting.Firstly, immediately prepare the necessary documents that you will need to not look irresponsible schoolboy to the employer.It is recommended that you learn more about the company in which you plan to work.You can use any data: activity, history of the emergence and development, achievements and awards.All that you may need at the interview.Flashing knowledge and demonstrate its seriousness, you will increase your chances of success and employment.

Next, what you need to be prepared - it matters.In most cases the interview they asked the same, so you can prepare answers in advance.Most likely, you will be asked the following questions:

- why you want to get a job in our company;

- why you left the former place of work;

- what you can be useful to our company;

- call your best strengths and weaknesses

- name his most significant achievements and failures, and so on.

Try to answer as honestly as your lies in the future could seriously bring you.Asked about the old job, in any case, do not scold the former employer and the company.Find a neutral reason: schedule, distance from home, the lack of growth prospects and so on.Speaking about the opportunity to work in the new organization, make it clear to the employer that you can be extremely useful in their company.Do it right - you can assume that you hired.

Responding to questions about their achievements and failures, be self-critical.This greatly raise your credibility in front of the employer.However, it should also tell you how you learn from your mistakes, they themselves corrected their failures and drove his professional activities to minimize the problems of the company.

So, it's time to go for an interview.Everybody knows the expression "meet on clothes."Make it so that the meeting was pleasant in this regard.The neat clothes, clean coiffed hair, treated nails and shiny shoes required to produce a positive impression.

Plan your time so that would go to the meeting 5-10 minutes prior to its start.Punctuality is highly valued by employers.If you are late, inform by telephone.During the meeting, the phone must be turned off.

Coming into office, say hello to the staff and ask to inform about your arrival.At a meeting with the employer is not superfluous to refer to him by name and patronymic, it's very flattering.Say what you really appreciate the invitation was from this company.Sit up straight and right, face to the other party.Do not be nervous and be smiling.Responding to questions, try not to say more than 2 minutes.In a conversation you can ask questions themselves, would be appropriate to find out whether there is a rotation of personnel in the company and career prospects.However, try to ask questions as possible correctly.

responsible attitude and good preparation for the meeting, will increase your chances of successfully pass an interview.And soon you will have to wait for the hiring.