Flight School in Russia.

easy to become a pilot.This profession requires total commitment and special education.Before you decide to enroll in a particular school, should examine the list of flight schools in Russia.In the following institutions can obtain high-quality and affordable education.

Ulyanovsk Higher Civil Aviation School

Higher Flight School of Russia choose those applicants who wish to receive a better education.WOW Ulyanovsk Aviation is one of the largest educational institutions in this category.

School was founded in 1935.Originally, it is a course of flight training, which were based in different cities of Russia.

Its modern look Ulyanovsk WOW HA acquired in 1992 after the Soviet Union collapsed, and the new leadership of the country issued a decree on the establishment in the city of Ulyanovsk on the basis of pre-existing institutions aviation school of the highest category.

Ulyanovsk WOW HA has three faculties and fourteen departments, training of experts in management and maintenance of various types of air transport.

branches in Ulyanovsk WOW GA

Flight School of Civil Aviation Russia are branches of other schools.The major branches of the sub-title offices are in Sasovo, Krasny Kut and Omsk.

Sasovo The city is one of the School of Civil Aviation, which trains specialists on the flight operations of different aircraft.Also prepare technicians for repair and maintenance of flight equipment, flight control and navigation systems, engines and electrified systems.

Krasnokutske flight school specializes in training pilots of aircraft of civil aviation.During its operation it has produced many experts, some of whom are pilots marked honorable state awards.

Flight Technical College in Omsk is part of the few flying school of civil aviation in Russia, who are trained pilot helicopters MI-8 and prepare technical staff for their service.Teachers teach school but civil aviation pilots, aircraft mechanics and even aviation experts, as well as electronic equipment.

remaining Russian flight schools represented as branches of other universities, but also to train specialists in different directions.

Saint Petersburg State University of Civil Aviation (DGCA St. Petersburg)

In the postwar years, began the rapid development of air transport and air transport capacity revolutions.Existing training centers could not provide the required number of frames.In 1955, the Soviet leadership decided to create a new school that will train pilots.University status was granted an educational institution in 2004 after a successful accreditation.

St. Petersburg DGAC prepares specialists in several areas: Pilots, technicians, managers.The university has several faculties.Separately allocated dean's office on work with foreign students, who specializes in helping foreign citizens to receive education.

Some flight schools are affiliated with Russia St. Petersburg DGCA.They have a narrow specialization, but also allow you to get an education and technical direction.

Affiliates St. Petersburg DGCA

flight school in Buguruslan prepares qualified pilots for civil aviation.Training is carried out only in full-time education, which ensures an adequate level of qualification.

civilian flight schools Russia at the St. Petersburg DGCA are located in several cities across the country: in Vyborg, Krasnoyarsk, Khabarovsk, Yakutsk.

Yakut branch of the St. Petersburg is known as DGAC aviation technical school and interested in the fact that since 2012 engaged in training of personnel on specialty "Piloting a helicopter MI-8."Such institutions in Russia a little bit, so the restaurant is popular.School also provides training of technical staff for maintenance of aircraft of different types.

in the Krasnoyarsk branch of the St. Petersburg DGCA made training experts in flight control and operation of airports.This school operates Aviation Training Centre, which carries out training of specialists in other areas, and training.

Moscow State Technical University of Civil Aviation (Moscow GTU GA)

Higher Flight School of Russia are intended to provide the country with the necessary number of specialists of the aviation industry.One such institution is the Moscow State Technical University of Civil Aviation.

It was founded in 1971 as a response to the demand of the domestic aviation in highly qualified specialists.To this day, I cope with the tasks.

This school prepares professionals operating direction.All major civil aviation flight schools have branches in other cities of Russia.Moscow GTU Aviation is no exception and has 2 branches and several colleges.

branch of the Moscow GTU GA

Branch of Moscow State Technical University in Irkutsk Aviation trains specialists in the field of maintenance of aircraft systems, facilities and operation of flying equipment.It consists of the Centre for professional development and retraining of personnel.

Rostov branch trains specialists in the technical operation of engines and aviation equipment, flight control and navigation systems and aircraft electrical systems, vehicle radio.

Aviation Technical College Yegorievsk provides technical training for civil aviation.On the basis of the college was founded department for foreign students Preparatory areas where they can learn the Russian language and some common discipline.

part of the Moscow GTU GA also includes aviation colleges in Rylsk, Irkutsk, Kirsanov and Troitsk.

Flight Russian military aviation school

educational institutions that are engaged in training of military pilots in Russia a little bit.

Prospective students who wish to enroll in military pilot training in Russia, should first consider the difference between a military aircraft from the civil.

Civil aviation is designed for transport of goods and the public and commercial character.Military aviation is a state and used for defensive purposes or to perform combat missions and throwing troops and technical equipment.Flight Russian military aviation school personnel are prepared for transport, fighter, bomber and ground attack aircraft.

Higher Military Aviation School in Krasnodar (Krasnodar VVAUL)

Krasnodar VVAUL is now a branch of the Air Force Academy.NE Zhukovsky and Gagarin.It was founded in 1938 as a school of pilots of military aircraft.

In today's Krasnodar VVAUL fully functioning three departments, which provides training in several areas of military aircraft.During its existence as a flight school school issued a set of frames, which subsequently achieved high rank in the military sphere.

Almost all pilot training in Russia during World War II was carried out training of military pilots.But at the end of it, most of them were transferred to the reserve or reclassified in civil aviation pilots.Besides Krasnodar VVAUL, training military pilots flying machines is currently another institution.

Higher Military Aviation School in Syzran (Syzran VVAUL)

Syzran VVAUL uniqueness lies in the fact that it is the only military college that prepares aircrew combat helicopters.Currently, based on the school, there is one helicopter regiment, based at the airport in Syzran.Previously, there were three.But the other regiments were disbanded.

Russian flight schools are popular with students of nearby countries.Within the walls of Syzran VVAUL also trained foreign specialists who are not able to practice in the state.

Russian military pilot training in their not numerous amount currently meet the needs of the military aviation of the country and its immediate neighbors.Over the years, they have released a lot of experts in their field.