"Rostelecom" is one of the largest telecommunications companies in the country.It has a broad customer base and an extensive coverage of the length of about five hundred kilometers.Provides communications services to both individuals and legal entities, international operators throughout the Russian Federation.

explained by the fact that several interregional organizations - "CenterTelecom", "Northwest Telecom", "Sibirtelecom" and some others - decided to merge and create one large company.

About "Rostelecom" reviews the government approving Russia very positive.It should be noted that this gave rise to large-scale and global interconnection.The state share in the total share capital of more than 50%.

shares "Rostelecom" preferred and common in the rest of the capital are particularly attractive to investors.Active trading on the secondary market suggests that market makers for such securities is quite interesting income-generating tool.Nevertheless, the value of shares "Rostelecom" quite moderate.It is not that their quotes in the stock market have a fairly large jumps.And because the owners of shares of "Rostelecom" does not have any worries about their strong fall.

Today the number of people in Russia who are actively using the services of the company, more than one hundred million.The complex government licenses allowing it to provide telecommunication services in all regions of the country.The unique infrastructure of "Rostelecom" is available even in the most remote rural areas of the Russian Federation, providing wide access to data and data transmission over long distances.

However, on "Rostelecom" recalls ordinary users is not the best.Some customers are not completely satisfied with the quality of services to provide access to the Internet, its speed or technical support, and the work of masters who have to connect, navigate and configure the WAN.In rural and remote areas' access to the world "is carried out at a rate of no more than 0.5 MB / sec.

Despite these negative reviews, "Rostelecom" Russian Internet market still holds a leading position and offers services of appropriate quality.Proof can serve as the location of the company's top line in the rating of the international agency «Renesys» for a long time.

"Rostelecom" does not stop on the achieved results, is rapidly developing and expanding its cooperation with enterprises, organizing the provision of public and municipal services in electronic form.

TV also does not stand still.Mass offerings for users of TV subscriptions, gifts in 2013, is actively trying to ensure "Rostelecom".Reviews of customers using the services of the company, confirmed a lot of advantages.For example, users can at any time to watch movies to choose from at an affordable price.

With a wide range of services, "Rostelecom" has a variety of responses, depending on the industry in which the company is working.Nevertheless, it remains the largest strategic organization, which operates in almost all regions of Russia.