Hegemony - what is it?

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policy - one of the most bizarre and inexplicable things in the world.To properly run the country, or to negotiate, it is necessary to make a lot of efforts to the desired result.Political activity requires concentration, the ability to think logically and to respond quickly.Those countries and the people who manage to combine all these qualities together and use them effectively, have some advantage.Earlier in the history of a selection from the crowd called hegemony.What is it - not everyone knows, but the answer to this question can be very interesting.

concept of "hegemony┬╗

many influential people to know that in order to achieve the results you need to work hard and to have supremacy over the others, that is, to be a leader.Meaning of the word "hegemony" has a similar meaning, because in fact, the ability to stand out among others, have special influence or control.

Most often you can find the concept of "hegemony" in the historical and political literature, as it mainly concerns the relationship between states.Thus, there are countries that control the others and influence them, respectively, there are those that directly serve as a slave.On the question of "hegemony - what is it?" Is a very simple answer: it is the political supremacy of one country over another, or several (group of countries).

essence and meaning of the term "hegemony┬╗

believed that the word "hegemony" comes from the Greek, which means "submission."As a rule, this applies to the states.Also not ruled out option admiration Union cities of one master policy.Its something and called hegemony.

Influence hegemonic countries

In order to understand the meaning of hegemony that is and how it works, you need to imagine the following situation.Country A is interested in persuading the weaker groups in the correctness of his decision.It is by any way to establish contact with the country B, and it has a powerful influence.As a result, the government first state receives a certain amount of profit, and acts in its own interests.That country A will be the predominant force that influences the weak allies.

Hegemon has the power, strength and a huge impact on others.He is able to control the other country, and even a group of states.In his power to manipulate the weak allies, imposing his ideas that can benefit the hegemonic countries.

was fairly common notion of "global hegemony", the essence of which lies in the dominance of the state in the sphere of international relations.Among these countries, since the seventeenth century, were the following: The Netherlands, Britain and the United States.America has consolidated its position and continues to monitor the actions of the weaker players in the political map of the world.Holland, in turn, has lost the opportunity, as well as Britain.The latter still has some more benefits and the impact on individual countries.

Power of persuasion hegemonic countries

Thus, to understand the concept of "hegemony" that is it and how it works, it is worth saying a few words about the unfairness of the monopoly, have a huge impact on others.Such states impose ideas allies, turning everything in its favor, that is, taking away benefits.In addition, the hegemony may achieve a result without the threat and use of force, making them even more successful and more powerful.They can control the cultural, social, economic and political spheres of another state.