Best friend of gardeners - potassium sulphate (use and characteristics)

Any summer visitor knows how important the fertilizers in agriculture.However, as in medicine, horticulture, the same principle: "Do no harm."Therefore, choose a fertilizer carefully, taking into account their benefit and harm.Among the variety of chemicals helper stands potassium sulfate.The use of this substance in agriculture have no one doubt in his favor.

All the secrets of potassium sulfate

It's quite an effective tool, which is used to supply fruit crops on your cottages.And it is good for productivity, health of plants growing in the open and in greenhouses.

What the properties of potassium sulphate?Formula him - K2SO4.It is a white powder in the form of fine crystals and shows the following characteristics:

  • contains in its composition about 50% potassium oxide.
  • is readily soluble in water, forming a no additional connections.
  • during storage does not cake, preserving the original look.
  • not soluble in ethanol and alkaline solutions.
  • does not contain chlorine.

potassium sulfate: application

Today, agriculture is simply impossible to do without it fertilizer.It is a good source of sulfur to plants.Thus virtually no soil salinization (unlike the potassium salt).

But not only this famous potassium sulfate.Its use is particularly justified for those plants that are susceptible to chlorine.This, for example, beans, potatoes, peas, grapes, citrus fruits.Speaking of the cruciferous (cabbage, radish), then fertilizing potassium sulfate significantly increases the yield of these vegetables.But fruit plants (strawberries, raspberries) it helps to winter.Furthermore, potassium sulfate increases the amount of vitamins and sugar grown fruits, thereby making them more nutritious and healthy.

This fertilizer can be used in any way:

  • During the growing season by any irrigation system.Such a method is well suited for berry bushes and vegetables.
  • They can feed the plant after fruiting.For example, strawberries.
  • make him while digging the soil.Especially effective is for those landing sites where the flowers will grow, cucumbers, tomatoes.
  • can add fertilizer when planting and fruit trees.

now widely used potassium sulfate.Its use is particularly necessary in the podzolic and peaty soils, because they suffer from lack of nutrients.If we talk about the black earth, here it is mainly used for those plants, which absorb a lot of sodium and potassium.This applies to beet, sunflower and many fruit crops.For acidic soils recommended potassium sulfate with lime.

addition, potassium sulfate, the price of which is only 129 rubles, is used for both indoor and flowers during watering houseplants.


when using the fertilizer should not be forgotten about elementary precautions.Better protect respiratory respirator.Be sure to use a dense, impervious gloves.After work, you must thoroughly wash hands and face hygiene products.