What is the Donut?

This question is more and more frequently given by Internet users.The word is, but clear answers on what is Donath, no.Try to understand.

Donat - is, first of all, a proper name, we deliver to the annals of the Middle Ages.This name was carried by Russian bishop (1828-1896);Count Bigorre, who became the ancestor of Bigorrskogo home;Bishop of Arezzo, a hermit-Catholic from the Jura and even actor (Robert Donat).

That is Donath, you can tell with pride about three hundred people from Switzerland.For them, the name of the commune created.

But the frequent mention of the word sounds from the mouth of gamers.What is the Donut for those of their free time (and even day and night) is sitting at the computer, giving up not only in food, but sometimes in a dream?

First, let's look at the interpreter by typing the word in English: "donate" (Donat).What it means in translation?"Victim", or "surrender".

In today's world from independent programmers, who decided to create a product and allow others to use it for free, hoping that from taking in the use of their creation, the author of the material to stimulate further activity.Or, in other words, to list some (at the discretion of the user) the amount of gratitude.This is a common donationware.

In order that such Donat for programmers, we have identified.Now we find out what does the term for the players.By the way, there is another version of the word "doneyt" which, according to the rules of pronunciation, more correct.But most accustomed to it first.Therefore, we stopped it.

So the term "Donut" is used mainly in games «Free to play».In all these games forums periodically appear on the need to use threads Donat.In most cases that is Donat, ask the Cubs.

For gamers pay real money is buying the game.Funds are always made either via WebMoney (WebMoney), or by messages (SMS), or any other payment system.But the first two options are found most often.

this amount you get in your virtual wallet.Keep in mind that the courses in the game and in reality may be different.The game has its own rules, its own currency.For example, one Donat can cost 27 rubles.The presence of such a "currency" can bring you some in-game (virtual) bonus.It may be the relic armor, tickets for access to certain locations, increasing the experience and so on. Sometimes it can be purchased separately.We say at once: Donath here - obviously not a cheap pleasure.And if a player decides to spend it once, then in the future will require investments.This kind of drug: by renting (for Donat) the right thing (for example, a week), you will lose this thing after a while without a trace.This thing a player will want to return again (especially if it makes the character stronger and gives some benefit).And it's forever ...

no clear pricing in the article will not be given because they are different games, of course, different.And the purpose of this material - just to explain what Donat.Although the example of one player can try to paint a picture more clearly present the essence.

It's about Runes of Magic, an online game similar to World of Warcraft, has Donat, but does not require a subscription fee.The player decided to try.Hoping that the "spool" to the maximum level, the game will be exchanged for gold purchased for Donat crystals.But at the highest level the myths dispelled: the crystals did not want to trade players, and if they agree, again for "overwrought" Donat.Fortunately, the player turned out to be adequate and scored the game to learn the value of Donat in real money, "pumping" of solid walking stick in the game is worth about 100 euros, and for decent clothes character required of 1000 euros.

man who had drawn in the game and participating in the so-called PvP-battles (one on one, or a person to person) are likely to decide to use the given support.Otherwise, it will be doomed to permanent failure.

The question arises, whether the need Donat at all?It's up to the player only.The creators are not forced to purchase a virtual (or game) currency.This kind of gratitude to participants of the creators of the game, and so is voluntary.But, starting to play, please note: not having Donat will play.Infringement of the right seems to be no, but the balance will agree, is broken.By the way, an explicit expression of this imbalance in the sale of powerful things for the "Real" and only.Injustice?Yes.In theory, jewelry, potions, scrolls, and so on. Should be free.

If you do decide to play and think about Donato, do not lose your head: the game will always be a game.Maybe it's better for one hundred euros (minimum) to buy something for yourself, in reality?