Endangered species of animals on our planet

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Ever since our planet life began, the evolution was in full swing.Over the millennia, the Earth has seen a huge variety of animals.But, unfortunately or fortunately, many of them have survived.Evolution is merciless and does not accept charity.This process continues to this day, and in the list of extinct wildlife with regular frequency includes more and more endangered species.

Although the process of extinction, at any time was quite clear in our time is very strongly influenced by human activity, which occupies a position at the top of the hierarchical pyramid of life on the planet.By its nature, it is constantly seeking to expand the aura of their habitat, using their knowledge and skills.Such activity is often fatal for animals.

Causes of extinction

order not to disappear from Earth, some species of animals, scientists are developing a variety of programs to maintain and increase their population.But here it is important to deal with the primary sources of problems.As a rule, distinguish several main reasons:

  • violation of the stability of the natural ecosystems in a region or the whole world,
  • violations in the genetic structure, the loss of valuable genetic material,
  • human activity, not providing care for wildlife.

Any endangered species of animals leads to the impoverishment of nature, its genetic diversity.Also, all it stored in the relative relationship, so that the disappearance of one particular type will make the imbalance in the balance of forces, and it has impact on the number of other animals.

Bird major threat is the destruction of their habitats.Humanity continues skyrocketing cut down forests, use of natural resources, forcing birds to migrate to other areas, such as the migration is not always safe for them.

Vymerayuschie animals - it is also a moral problem of man as a strong and dominant species on the planet.

endangered species

Currently Red Book contains more than 40 000 species at risk of extinction.The problem is very serious.Many countries are trying to give it the necessary attention.To do this, create reserves, national parks and similar places, where rare wildlife organize life closest to the natural conditions of their habitat.

According to scientists, in the first place is to make up the number of the following types:

  • bison,
  • muskrat,
  • beluga,
  • polar bears,
  • giant pandas,
  • Florida Panthers,
  • whales,
  • loserogieStaghorned and Caral.

But do not forget that living beings, whose population steadily declining, much more.Endangered species in the world at the moment - one-third of amphibians, eighth of all bird species and almost 70% of the known species of plants.That is the situation in reality and is a threat to life on our planet.

Every year more and more representatives of the living world fall into the catalogs of the Red Book.There is a growing list of species that are saved only in captivity under the close supervision of biologists and veterinarians.Often, this means that there are only a few dozen, and hence they are on the verge of extinction.These include dolphins baijiu, orangutan, and many North American reptiles.

In recent years, the situation has improved only Mauritian population ozherelovyh parrots.

Africa Endangered - half of all birds, because their habitat is gradually destroyed.In Colombia, endangered species make up about 25% of the total fauna.And here it is worth considering that Colombia, like Brazil, are the world's countries with the greatest biodiversity in the world.The flora and fauna of these countries still continues to be studied, so that it may well be that some species will disappear, remaining until the end and unexplored.

work on the biological diversity of our planet should be conducted continuously and systematically, but even in this case, you need a lot of time and effort.