What is sublimation?

That is sublimation, argues in his works of psychoanalysis Sigmund Freud.The concept of Ā«sublimĀ» literally translates as "lift up."The definition was introduced by Freud in 1900.

Talking about what is sublimation, thinker describes this concept as one of the protective mechanisms.This mechanism consists in changing and transforming mental energy to drive the elevated purpose of the replacement of the forms of its satisfaction.Freud was seen as a sublimation of energy conversion drive, opposite displacement.In this regard, the philosopher believed this mechanism the most desirable method of mastering the emerging sexual desire.

the plastic components of the libido, which is reflected in their ability to sublimation, in a social sense causes formation opportunities to achieve a certain level of culture in society.This culture is based on the transformation of drive energy.

explaining what sublimation, and explain the phenomena of scientific work, philosophical knowledge of art.At the same time, all data are based on the scope of mental functions, not looking up from the foundations of psychoanalytic panseksualizma.

Talking about what is sublimation, should bring its main components:

  1. transition energy from the objects of instinctive attraction to objects of cultural value.
  2. transformation of emotions that accompany all human activities.
  3. Exemption mental activity on the predominance of the instincts.
  4. Convert instinctive action in a form acceptable to the society.

Freud sought to sublimate the importance of culture and society in general.Thus, with the help of the mechanism in affective drive turns into a cultural phenomenon.For example, in the contemplation of works of art of mental energy pulse is diverted to a sexual object.As a result, the satisfaction comes in the form of aesthetic experience.

In general psychoanalytic theory considers sublimation as one of the best methods of conflict resolution psychic nature, which are a potential cause of neurosis.However, this mechanism can be observed in the implementation of the analytical work.According to Jung, the atmosphere in which healing takes place and where the patient is drawn against his will, it is the cause of "tight" relations.This, in turn, makes it necessary to sublimate.Thus, in the application of the mechanism in question, based on your own fantasies, the subject finds a way into the real world instead of the alleged departure from it.Person who oppose reality, but possessing artistic talent (the ability to express their own artistic creations of fantasy, rather than the symptoms of the disease), under favorable circumstances avoid neurosis and returned to the real world.If, however, the person who opposes reality, the talent is not expressed or is insufficient, the libido (according to the origin of fantasy) inevitably leads on the principle of recourse to the resurrection of the complexes (infantile wishes), therefore to neurosis.

compensatory function of sublimation was marked by A. Adler.He used the term in psychoanalysis to describe the functional balancing feelings of inferiority.

In today's world the concept of sublimation is used not only in psychoanalysis.Thus, this definition is used in industry.For example, today is often used sublimation printing on fabric.This staining process is a fiber product.Unlike others, this method allows to obtain high quality images of bright colors, resistant to the influence of environmental factors.