How to name the baby?

"How to name the baby?"- This question is often hotly debated future parents who are concerned about not only harmonious, but also the meaning of the name.Cyril - beautiful old name, popular and Slavic peoples, and in Western Europe.Western-style it is pronounced "Cyril" or "Cyril".

origin of the name Cyril - Greek.This word means "lord, lord."Semantic roots are also in the Persian language, where it means "sun".

value named Cyril children

It is curious and is very fond of boys.They are often a reputation for being a great bibliophile, spending a lot of time reading literature very different - from the Scandinavian myths to scientific articles.Due to their curiosity and good memory Kiryusha growing by erudite age children.

Very early on they learn how to behave in order to make the best impression on others - it is important to them.Kiryusha popular with peers, like the teachers at school, and their relatives adore.But people may subconsciously feel some artificiality of behavior, so do not trust these charming boys.

value named Cyril adults

The most common actions adult Cyrus manages selfishness that turns out on closer acquaintance.Outwardly, he is friendly, not arrogant enough to open.With people speaks softly, without humiliating or insulting even the guilty, dishonest or ignorant friends.

In any situation Cyril care primarily about themselves and their interests, paying attention to the fact that everything looked from the godly.In general, external recognition is very meaningful for him - praise, compliments mind, tact, politeness need it like air.

Such a person few real friends because he does not know how to make friends sincerely and unselfishly donate their time, interests and needs.The real kindness Cyril able to prove except to very close people - most often the mother or sisters.

value named Cyril family

As a rule, his family life is composed not very smooth - he is jealous and demanding.The wife must be intellectually developed and erudite, to match his expectations.At home Kirill is helpless, so help with something at home often fail.

get along well with him a woman named Alla, Angela, Helen, Margaret, Oksana, Ian.But Alevtina, Valerie, Catherine, Lydia, Maya, hope and Ruslan with a companion will have in life is difficult.

Feature name Cyril on a horoscope: best fits born under the auspices of the Sun - Aquarius, Capricorn.

Feature patronymic

K. - gifted, talented and a great interest in how their fathers.They are hardworking, binding, strict, like order in everything.There are logical, deliberate, carefully.

Kirillovna - prudent executive, required, with good business acumen.Fanatical love their profession, reliable and demanding executives.Externally seem withdrawn and unsociable, but people close to open and liberating.Family life and relationships with their children rather complex.