Can I eat bread in the post?

Lent for many people is one of the holiest events for the whole year.It is believed that during this period it is possible to clean not only his soul from sin, "accumulated" for the year, but also rid the body of obscene materials, abruptly changing your daily diet.Because of the high importance of this event, many people, especially believers, wonder whether it is possible in the post is the bread, fry eggs, play computer games, or even bathe in the sauna.

How much is a cleaning of the soul?

particularly superstitious people during post adheres to the strict rules, to how to prepare yourself for the important Easter for them.Severely restricting themselves in the use of food to the stomach which was used during the year as well as the rejection of some of the other amenities may not lead to the sacred enlightenment, and depression.That is why you should always keep in mind in the first place about his health, and only then - of commitment to higher forces and purifying his sinful soul.

Lent: A guide for the novice

Before newcomers for whom Lent - it is quite unusual, will be a particularly difficult challenge: how to resist all the sweets that are traded stores before the celebration of Easter?The question of whether we can eat bread in the post, such people even in the head does not come, because all they are trying to do - is to refrain from regular chocolate bars.Of course, very difficult to give up the bread, as for many of the Slavs, he is about thirty percent of the daily diet.Many people love the morning tuck into sandwiches for both cheeks, in the afternoon to eat soup, bread seizing the evening spread on scones sweet jam.Abandon all these pleasures difficult if there is no real motivation.As practice shows, the best way to stop eating bread - to convince yourself you have a large amount of excess weight.In this case, the question no longer sounds like: "Can I eat bread in the post?".He is transformed into: "Why did I eat bread all the time?»

New wonderful and diverse world of bread

Most priests, without thinking twice, to answer the question of whether we can eat bread in the post, but the replica will not be positive.The fact that classical post involves complete removal of any products of animal origin, and in bakery products often added eggs as in any dough.However, this does not mean that the poor want to clear my soul will have to get rid of all flour products, which will in a breadbox or a refrigerator.Knowledgeable people can tell what kind of bread to eat in the office, not to break tradition and do not worry about the light, but the constant feeling of hunger.This opens up a world of possibilities to the believer, because he is able to simply replace your favorite sdobny product and rolls for something easier.If you do not try to immediately remove any forbidden products, and before that prepare your body may get rid of all types of bread, but to radically change the diet is not desirable.The body will not thank for this, and the number of sins does not diminish.

Under the ban white bread

For those who are serious about the strict observance of Lent, is another not very good news: the white bread in the post and can not eat.This immediately takes the Europeans an opportunity to "participate" in the purification before Easter, as white product - that's all they've ever known.Of course, they have a different religion not because of the lack of bread on the shelves, but the fact is that white bread accustomed to foreigners could hardly assimilate us, to adjust to the peculiarities of our faith.White bread fasting can not be used for any reason, especially if they decide to seriously respect the tradition.It contains butter and eggs, and all these products are under a temporary ban during the preparation for Easter.In order not to add that little peccadillo in your list is big already, it is advisable to refrain from eating white bread or replace it with something else.Of course, the crackers of this product is also prohibited.

«Black" alternative for bread lovers

On the other hand, black bread in the post still can be consumed with almost absolute certainty that you are not doing anything wrong or objectionable to a higher power.But in any case, you should read, from which this product is made - sometimes in the list of the used products, you can see the margarine and it during Lent, people try to remove completely, as well as oil.However, brown bread will be a good alternative to almost any type of baking.It is worth to mention that he is a sinner, and fasting would cost less, last longer and will lie, and generally will be much better for the digestion and the body.Usually on supermarket shelves marked huge departments for white bread and sweet rolls, and exposed a black tight-discrimination on racial grounds and is tracked somewhere in the corner or at the bottom of the shelf.Lent - This is a good time to give black bread feel it necessary to someone.

vain and materialistic reasons for refusal

Some adherents maximalist point of view, in all spheres of life believe that the bread during Lent should be cleaned thoroughly.It is not clear what logic they follow.Perhaps, so they want to prove their independence from food and deny gluttony.Maybe the real problem is much more prosaic, and is even now beginning to grain products more expensive.If a person is guided by the principle of "no naemsya, but will spare", he risks his sinful written list one more thing - greed and pettiness.However, there is a separate category of people who are ready to completely remove the bread from the diet not only during Lent, but also try to hold on without him in the future.These are people who for a long time does not help any diet and jogging just knocked the breath and the sole on shoes.Completely removing the bread, they can not only be cleansed before Easter, but also to find the shape of your dreams.

How to get closer to God:

simple steps necessary to remember that the true meaning of fasting is not that as it should limit itself to the use of food and finally lose weight before a period of thousands of sweet PASOK.The main purpose of fasting repentant sinners still is spiritual enlightenment, cleansing, by which they allegedly opened a new page in their lives.For these people, the idea that it is possible to eat bread in the post to be funny, ridiculous and quite out of place.They're here, you know, waiting for enlightenment, purify the soul prayers, go to church and sprayed the walls with holy water, and you ask them such silly questions.The main thing - do not take too seriously all the advice of such people as these religious fanatics can assure you that during the fasting stomach does not need anything other than sunlight and morning prayers.With this approach, the kingdom of heaven, of course, much closer, but not quite in the sense in which it would like a miserable sinner.

all necessary measure

Do not think about whether the bread in the post, if you have sinned with chicken cutlet or cake.If you really very difficult to give up certain foods and you experience the physical need for them, should not be deliberately expose themselves to suffering.Of course, some religions preach velikomuchenichestvo, but certainly not in this format.If the penitent be constantly hungry and think about the beautiful cake, resting on a shelf in the refrigerator, his thoughts will be too far from the purification of the soul.Around the need to know when to stop, and Lent - is no exception, even though you vowed to comply with all its tenets.Keep in mind that the health and preservation of normal psychological state has always come out on top.To save the soul, we still have time, but to spoil the mood around the stomach and because of their religious convictions is not worth it.Make a post discharge period, but do not overdo it.