Garage cooperative

In the big cities rather than the issue of storage of personal vehicles.One of the most effective ways to solve this problem is to organize the garage cooperatives.Keeping the vehicle by means of this method - the most civilized way out of the situation.

GSK is created on a commercial basis.His organization is different from other associations for its citizens certain characteristics.All the main points must be taken into account already at the stage where the garage cooperative still planned.The algorithm of all the necessary actions can be developed based on the step by step instructions.In order to organize the garage cooperative, it is necessary first to create an initiative group.

future HSC members can be combined to work together, in the community, as well as on other grounds.The preparatory period of the most difficult.

At the end of the first stage is issued a document confirming the decision of the group of initiators of the construction of the HSC.The second step is to develop a mandatory local regulation.He is a charter garage cooperative.The document spells out the issues related to education of the joint property.

fixed in statute and sources of funding.Basically, they are original and unit, as well as trust and membership fees.After collecting all the necessary papers, and drawing up a package of constituent documents garage cooperative subject to mandatory registration and registration with the Inspectorate of Taxes and Duties, located in the area of ​​its location.

Prior to the activity of GSK need to open a current account for it in a serving bank.

next stage in the organization of a garage cooperative paperwork required for its construction site.To do this, the local authority in charge of urban planning and land use, should issue the lease, and the act of choosing the declared uchastok.Perechen documents to be submitted for the procedure differs depending on the region.

In the next step, you are ready to conclude a contract for construction work.After finishing the construction of garages formalized an agreement with the exploiting companies.

At the final stage of these procedures garage cooperative is subject to registration.Title issued certificate.As you can see, many of the steps towards the creation of GCW will require the development and execution of important documents.This work is best to trust a proven law firm.Thus, the process of creating the cooperative will be greatly accelerated.

to the highest governance body of the HSC include a meeting of all its members.It is competent to solve questions:

- the adoption of the Charter and any changes thereto;

- Determination of the amount of funds and contributions;

- the admission of new members and the exclusion of the HSC;

- the election of the board and audit committee, as well as their re-election;

- the reorganization of the public organization, as well as its elimination.

HSC Board, led by its Chairman, carries out the action.In between the meetings it had responsibilities for:

- collection and accounting of contributions;

- drawing up plans and estimates of expenditure;

- Maintain a list of registered members of cooperatives;

- preparation for the meeting and adoption of its agenda.

Financial activities of the cooperative is controlled by the Audit Commission.Its members are not eligible to enter the body of the board.The daily operation of the HSC is to use garages.In front of him is not a task to obtain profits from this activity.However, the garage cooperatives are entitled to and entrepreneurship.