The population of the Soviet Union and Russia - whose life is better?

After the death IVStalin's name was poured a huge amount of mud.The great man has been charged with mass executions and atrocities, fantasy prosecutors reached fantastic figures in the 45-60 mln. People.The population of the Soviet Union in 1939 was 133 million. Man, if subtracted from this figure, even 30 million. Repressed, it turns out that Nazi Germany had to face 15 year old students.Since the rest of the population would have the time to shoot, because it is at the peak years of 1937-1939 repression.The population of the Soviet Union in 1941 is already approaching 200 million. People.Pondering these figures are staggering carrier blatant lie to us.It seems that people just want to distract from the present-day realities.Just compare the statistics, which is fairly put everything in its place.

population of the Soviet Union under Stalin grew by almost 70 million. Man with 136.8 million. In 1920 to 208.8 in 1959. If we consider only the number of the RSFSR, the increase was 18.9 million. Man, 30years from 1923 to 1953., which is approximately 22%.During the entire existence of the Russian Federation population decline, given the unborn children, it was 31.3 million. Pers.Naturally the question arises: whether the population of the Soviet Union under Stalin was subjected to such horrific violence and destruction?

mortality under Stalin fell almost tripled from 2.91% according to 1913 to 1.1% in 1950.The birth rate in the same year declined slightly, but there is already reflected the effects of the Great Patriotic War.Whatever it was, by 1956, the population of the Soviet Union grew and its natural increase exceeded the corresponding figures in all other developed countries, including the United States, France and many others.Reducing mortality also affected the increase in life expectancy to 70 years, on average, the same as those in Europe in the same period.

consumption of pure alcohol per capita under Stalin was only 1.9 liters, against 20-25 liters today.The population of the USSR was sober and give a healthy offspring.The modern Russia is the world leader in children's drug addiction.The Union has been completely eradicated prostitution, any of its manifestations immediately suppressed.The Russian Federation is a leader not only in the sale of love, but also on the extent of child prostitution.

In 1945, after the war, the Soviet Union had about 678,000 orphans in Russia today their number is 850,000, with about 760,000 - are children abandoned by their parents.

During the country's leadership of Putin - Medvedev number of oligarchs rose almost sevenfold, from 8 to 53 people.The total amount of their fortune is estimated at 282 billion. US dollars.A study by the Russian Academy of Sciences, 15% of Russia's population has 85% of all savings, and about 92% of the income from the property.In the hands of a relatively small population (0.001% of all inhabitants of the country) is about 50% of all natural resources.Under Stalin, a national treasure belonged to the people, the majority of services provided by the state's population, were either free or cost a penny.Current accounts for housing amaze even the president, not to mention ordinary people.

Just a few figures for comparison that were under the tyrant, usurper and murderer, and that was blossoming in a democratic country.And what time would you like to live?