Tomato varieties resistant to late blight, bring high yield

growing vegetables in their beds, each striving to achieve maximum yield.But unsuccessfully selected varieties of plants, improper care and all kinds of disease negate our expectations.And if the first two points - it is a matter of experience, the plant diseases is much more complicated.It is no secret that the bacteria with amazing rapidity adapt to pesticides and chemicals.And the drug that successfully fought the infection, affecting vegetable, a few years ago, is now becoming ineffective.This certainly is not convinced just gardeners who grow tomatoes.How much effort and nerves was laid in the fight against various tomato diseases, which, I must say, a great many.One such disease is late blight of plants.Perhaps there is no gardener, not faced with this infection and do not ask questions about whether there are any tomatoes that are resistant to late blight.What can confidently answer "yes"!

blight: causes plant diseases

Before talking about the varieties of tomatoes, other less susceptible to this disease, it should be recalled that the conditions in which most of it develops, and what preventive measures should be applied.First, late blight - a fungal disease, so it is enough just one controversy that has fallen on a bush plants to promptly caught the whole plantation.This infection does not like sunlight, but loves the shade, damp and cool.Therefore, to protect your plants from this disease, do not put tomato bushes very close to each other, always cut the old leaves and try to water them under a bush.So many times you reduce the probability of occurrence of Phytophthora.With the onset of night, when the temperature does not exceed 10 degrees, sprinkle the vegetables with special solutions, good choice in specialized stores very wide.We can say that tomato varieties resistant to late blight - are those that give an early crop.The disease is simply no time to develop.But those gardeners who are not persuaded that fact, we can rejoice!The fact that the current selection is not in place, and scientists are constantly looking for a solution to this problem: each year on the market there are tomato varieties resistant to late blight.You can always pick up the seeds that are suitable for your soil and growing conditions.

gardener Note: tomato varieties resistant to late blight

Below are some tomato varieties that are less susceptible to this disease as late blight.

Dubok - is determinate variety that is undersized.The shrub grows up to 90 centimeters in height.The harvest is already possible to collect within 75 days after planting the plants.The fruits are small, about one hundred grams each.Color bright red tomato on top of the fruit located greenish stain in the form of an oak leaf.

Orange miracle - this variety is also a determinant.At the height grows up to 1 meter.The fruits ripen 2.5 months after planting the plants in the ground.Tomatoes rounded, slightly flattened and have a bright orange color.This variety of tomato contains high amounts of beta-carotene.

Indeterminate tomato varieties resistant to late blight

The greenhouses are usually tall shrubs grown tomatoes in order to save space.Below are indeterminate tomato varieties resistant to late blight

Tatiana - very tall variety.The height of the bush up to three meters.Ripening occurs within 100 days after emergence.The fruits are gathered in the brush, each is 5-7 pieces.Tomatoes are very large, each of them up to 400 grams.

Cardinal - bush height of 2 meters.Ripening occurs within 80 days.The fruits are large bright crimson color.The leaves are delicate and compact.

This article presents some tomato varieties resistant to late blight, and how to deal with this scourge.A good harvest!