20 accurate, as an axiom quotes Stephen Hawking

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Stephen Hawking began as quite ordinary young genius.He was waiting for a good scientific career, chair, students and articles.Once it became clear that the young man is seriously ill and can stretch a couple of years.Steven was very stubborn, and lived to be 73.

He was almost completely paralyzed, but his brain was still working.From his head, as if from another universe to ours, bypassing the body on a computer screen are teleported opening books and ironic attitude to life.

Here are some quotes a person who never gives up:

- I have no idea what my IQ.Those who are interested in their IQ, just losers.

- man - the only animal that knows that death awaits him, and the only - question its finality.

- The prospect of early death made me realize that life is worth to be lived.

- My goal is very simple: I want to understand the universe, why it is so arranged as arranged, and why we are here.

- Astrologers are smart enough to make their predictions so vague that they can be attributed to any outcome.

- All my life I hit the main issues that we face, and tried to find a scientific answer for them.Perhaps that is why I sold more books about physics than Madonna about sex.

- Where there is life there is hope.

- I am convinced that science and research bring more fun than making money.

- My real dream - to write a book that will be sold in kiosks at the airport.But for this, it seems, the publisher will need to put on the cover of a naked woman.

- I think computer viruses should be regarded as a form of life.That says a lot about human nature: the only form of life we ​​have created so far, carries only destruction.We create life in the image and likeness.

- The main enemy of knowledge is not ignorance but the illusion of knowledge.

- When I was 12, one of my friends argue with another on a bag of candy, because of me, nothing will happen.I do not know whether the dispute was resolved, and in whose favor.

- Someone told me that each equation, which I include in the book, reduces sales doubled.

- Wandering in the Internet is just as brainless idea, as a permanent switching channels.

- I'm not sure that the human race will live at least another thousand years, if you do not find opportunities to escape into space.There are many scenarios of how all living things can die on a small planet.But I am an optimist.We do reach the stars.

- Of all the systems that we have, the most difficult - it is our own body.

- School science is often taught in a dry and uninteresting manner.Children learn to memorize mechanically to take the exam, and do not see the link between science and the world around them.

- I have noticed that even those people who claim that everything is predetermined and that there is nothing we can do about it, look around before you cross the road.

- Life would be very tragic if it were not so funny.

- It is very important not just give up.

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