The rings of the Olympic Games that mean ?The emblem of the Olympic Games - the ring.The symbol of the Olympic games - rings

agree that we used to take some of the events as a matter of course, not really thinking of any of the history of their origin or of the characteristic features.

Perhaps to such measures should include a global scale and the Olympics.But every time this kind of sports do not attract the attention of hundreds and hundreds of thousands of loyal fans of the sport worldwide.

Incredibly, they are held for 118 years, and now routinely accepted and fire rings and the Olympic Games.

What do these symbols mean and why they have become a cult?Perhaps the answer to this question can not every modern man.

Section 1. Olympics today

In general, it should be understood at the Olympics sports event of international scale, in which thousands of athletes competing from different countries.

There are summer and winter Olympic Games, taking place alternately every two years.E. Theoretically possible to calculate that the events of this kind are held only in even-numbered years.And if the 2014 Winter Olympics were, then the next year already, will hold in 2016. By the way, the decision of a special commission tasked to take it Rio de Janeiro (Brazil).

Section 2. The five rings of the Olympic Games as the main symbol of competitions

white flag with the characteristic symbols ... At some point, he is magically appears everywhere: in the buildings, sports and casual clothing, interior and even on childrentoys.

snow-white background symbolizes peace worldwide.And this is no coincidence, because for a long time during the Olympic Games throughout the world stop and cease hostilities and conflicts.

number and color of the rings of the Olympic Games, placed on the flag, too, is very thought out.They are painted in yellow, blue, black, red and green.

First, we note that the rings of the Olympic Games symbolize the five continents: America, Europe, Asia, Africa and Oceania.Why is it so, because the globe is divided into six?The fact that the Antarctic and the Arctic, because they are uninhabited, were not taken into account in the development of character.

Oh, these rings of the Olympic Games!What are they, was invented a little later.Today even schoolchildren can tell that every part of the world is correlated with its specific color scheme.Europe corresponds to the blue color, Africa - black America - Red, Asian - yellow, Oceania - green.

Section 3. The emblem of the Olympic Games: the ring and the story of their origin

designed this symbolic sign in 1912 Pierre de Coubertin - the founder of the modern Olympic Games.Emblem adopted in 1914, although it should be noted that she made her debut much later, only in 1920, at the Olympic Games in Belgium.It was originally planned that the world will see the flag, decorated with the new symbol, in 1916, but World War I interrupted to hold major sporting events.

It is hardly necessary to mention that immediately after the occurrence of the ring's liking, and have become an indispensable attribute of the Olympics.In subsequent years, they have been used to create different logos associated with the Games.

Section 4. Upgraded whether a character?

Oddly enough, but yes.And the biggest change undergone Olympic rings at the Olympic Games 1936, held in Berlin, Germany.

Firstly, the rings were not arranged as usual in two rows and one.Their arrangement somewhat similar to the traditional because the first, third and fifth of which were elevated compared with the second and fourth.

Secondly, as rings and an eagle holding them were made in black and white.In subsequent years, the monochrome version of the logo of the Olympic Games was used quite often, but the layout will no longer change.

In 1960, Italian artists a symbol of Olympic games - rings - made volume.It was made in gray.The rings were placed under the Roman she-wolf, which, according to legend, nursed Romulus and Remus who founded Rome.By the way, in the year it introduced a new tradition - to hang on the neck of the athletes medals.

Mexicans who carried Games in 1968, came to the creation of the Olympic logo are not less creative.This time, as a symbol of Olympic rings were inscribed in the word "Mexico 68" and highlighted.The lower ring is part of the digits 68.

Section 5. unopened ring Sochi Olympics

But not everything is as it might seem at first glance.The rings of the Olympic Games, that means five inhabited continents of the world, could not always a success.Something condemned, something to be welcomed, as was the fact that in the history.

small technical incident occurred with rings at the opening ceremony of the Olympics in 2014 in Sochi (Russia).

According to the plan during the show big snowflakes hanging over the stadium "Fischt" were transformed into the Olympic rings.But revealed only four.One ring and left hanging snowflake.

However, Russian television viewers have not seen this hesitation, as the organizers a little before the others realized what was happening and allowed to air footage from the rehearsals.

During the closing of the Olympic Games this incident with the unopened ring was ironically beaten.At the beginning of the ceremony the participants of the show was formed composition with five rings and a snowflake, which after a few seconds rapidly opened.

Section 6. Other symbols Olympics

It should be noted that, in addition to the official flag and rings, there are other symbols of the Olympic Games.

  • fire. tradition to light the torch taken Coubertin in 1912, the ancient Greeks.The Olympic flame is a symbol of purity, fight for victory and self-improvement.It was first lit in 1928.The baton for the transfer of the flame to the city where the game is played, have begun since 1936.
  • Medals. First place athlete is awarded a gold medal for the second - silver, for the third - bronze.Handing them after the competition winners at a special ceremony.
  • motto Ā«Citius, Altius, FortiusĀ» can be translated into Russian as "Faster, higher, stronger."For the first time these words the priest said Henri Martin Didonne during the opening of sports competitions in college.Coubertin thought that this phrase could not be better reflects the essence of the Olympic Games.
  • Oath , according to which the participants of the Games to respect and abide by the rules.Its text was written by Pierre de Coubertin and first performed in 1920.
  • Olympic principle has also been defined by Pierre de Coubertin in 1896.He says that in the Olympics, as in life, the main thing - not to win but to participate.
  • Opening ceremony - the most solemn part.It runs the parade of athletes of all countries participating in the competition.First comes the Greek team, then the team of ABC, respectively, and the latter is a team of the country organizing the Games.

Section 7. Interesting facts about the Olympics

According to the decision of the International Olympic Committee, the gold medal of pure gold in the form of a coating should contain a minimum of 6 grams.

on the logo of the Olympic Games is usually four-year spell or two digits (Athens 2004 and Barcelona 92).In the history of the Games only once in 1960 in Rome the year was written five letters (MCMLX).

During the Great Depression in 1932, the Brazilian government has not found the money to send a delegation to the Olympic Games, taking place in Los Angeles.As a result, 82 of the Brazilian athlete put on a ship with a coffee, to use the money to bring them to America.When the ship arrived at the port of San Pedro, its leaders have demanded to pay for each came down to the shore for one dollar.Since the ship was lowered only to those who had a chance to get a medal.He then went to San Francisco to sell coffee and was able to land a few more athletes, but 15 athletes went back to Brazil.

In 1956, the Summer Olympic Games held in Melbourne, who was unable to take some sports.Australian quarantine regulations prohibit the importation of horses, horse races and had to be carried out in Stockholm.

Section 8. Looking ahead

As mentioned above, the next Olympic Games will be held in Brazil, the world famous city-holiday Rio de Janeiro.

This capital of carnivals can not simply amaze.It literally affects every traveler, and hence there is no doubt that the 2016 Olympics will be another spectacular event.

Will undergo changes Olympic rings that signify the unity of the world is not yet known, t. To. Such details are usually part of a secret ceremony.