Features of the sales representative in Moscow

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Trade Representative - is a very popular position in recent years.Due to higher demand for such employees is easy.Development of trade relations and a new level of production presupposes the search for new solutions to promote their products and services.Today, therefore, to find a job sales representative can be anyone, but even in this profession has its own peculiarities.

sales representatives is, above all, to establish mediation between the company, suppliers and outlets, or between enterprises of wholesale and retail network.Trade Representative not only to promote products using various methods of sales, but it also works with a client base.He has to develop and strengthen the number of potential customers, as well as taking orders for delivery, in addition, ensure the timing of such orders.In addition, the sales representative is financially responsible person, as it is fully or partially responsible for the payment of goods.

Required skills

When hiring a sales representative for the most frequent question that arises concerns his ability to drive a car.Generally, employers prefer to hire employees by car, but there are exceptions when the worker is issued a service car with a company logo.

required psychological skills candidate for a sales representative - is a willingness to make quick decisions, because the work is related to communication.The ability to conduct business negotiations, to understand the interlocutor, as well as analyze it needs to use effective communication techniques.Good sales representatives need to be punctual, moreover, we should have an idea about the basic principles of time management.They should be able to plan their working hours, to make the best travel itineraries and obtain maximum benefit from the negotiations.

Advantages and disadvantages of the profession

salary of sales representatives is calculated from a constant salary and interest for the quantity of goods sold.It is also the pros and cons of the profession, as on the one hand, the prospect of additional earnings, but on the other - there is no confidence in the stability of wages.Chances are good career opportunities in just 1-2 years is an indisputable advantage of the sales representative.The main disadvantage of the sales representatives is non-normalized graph, as well as the difficulties that accompany any job related to communication.It stresses and unforeseen disputes.To avoid such drawbacks, with the staff provide training before starting work.