Distance learning in higher education

Distance learning in high school in our time is increasingly viewed as a serious alternative to traditional methods of education.Justifying the potential of quality education through distance forms, scientists, teachers point out that it is possible only if the constant use of information and communication technologies.However, in most cases distance learning is still, as 10 years ago, much inferior to the traditional on the actual quality of the result of training in high school of professionals.What needs to change in distance university education to improve its quality?

Each institution, university or academy, where possible, should get their own e-library, located on the official website of the university.The library should have all the training, as well as other literature that the student will need for a complete education.This is to ensure that the student did not run to the libraries to find the right books, and even more did not go specifically for her in high school, which can be very far from home.Of course, students should be provided with free Internet access to the resources of the University Library, as well as the partner libraries.Access, among other things, implies usability, finding relevant books, etc.

necessary to organize short-term training courses for teachers, who are not very good command of information and communication educational technologies.This, of course, such courses should be carried out by the university in which the teacher works.

Of course, among the action essentials is equipping classrooms with modern computer equipment.Otherwise, not much to say about the modern distance education, as an organization of direct, live communication in real-time - is today one of the most important requirements and the learning process, organized by the remote.

necessary to ensure the normal communication all universities, connect them to high-quality, high-speed Internet.Particular attention should be paid in this case to those institutions that are on the periphery.Alas, often small universities or branches operating in remote corners of Russian technology can not ensure good communication with the teacher when a student of distance learning.And if it is not, then all the points listed above, will simply irrelevant.

Finally, we must ensure that talented young people from remote areas of the country, low-income, as well as suffering from various diseases, the equipment necessary for distance learning, in special government programs.