How to draw a snowdrop.

Kids love to draw, it is a well known fact.What do they represent?All around: flowers, houses, people, animals.We offer you with the baby learn to draw snowdrop.This beautiful species of flora is simple enough for the image.In the UK, since 1984 there is a special holiday.It has the same name "Day of snowdrop", which is celebrated in April, and when the first flowers appear.They symbolize the beginning of spring.There are many legends associated with these colors.But how to draw snowdrop?This is a small plant with a thin but strong stalk two straight leaves and a flower-shaped bell.Getting to the answer to the question of how to draw snowdrop, it should be noted that his flower has 3 external and 3 internal lobe.They usually have a white color with green elements.

how to draw step by step

snowdrop image for this plant, however, like any other, you will need a piece of paper, pencil, eraser, pen (ink) and watercolor.First, a few words on how to draw a pencil snowdrops.An outline of the flower, without strong pressure.Done so in order to be able to effortlessly get rid of the subsidiary or erroneous strokes.Draw a line which is slightly inclined to one side, with her second.So get stem snowdrop.Paint on the top bud and 2 petals.Do not forget about the two leaves of the stem.

If a number in the same way to add a few more color, get a bunch of snowdrops - surprisingly delicate and beautiful.But it will cost without proper vase?Shows two oval in the lower part of the figure, slightly overlapping stems.The first will be slightly wider, it serves as a base.The second - is smaller and narrower.We trace the outline and erase the extra lines.It remains only to paint a picture obtained.

You can use two shades of light gray and black.Dark and dense color encircled leaves, stems, and bright - just buds.This method is typical for Japanese painting.The basic rule for color images - the presence of the main (dense tone) and minor elements.

How to draw snowdrop color?It is best suited for this transparent watercolor.Use and colored them green foliage.The flower buds add a soft blue hue, without departing from the contours.

Now add background.It should not be bright, you should give preference to light blue and gray colors.And then with a conventional toothbrush sprayed white paint.This is done as long as the result does not satisfy you.

so obtained is truly vibrant colors, which symbolize warmth, spring awakening.And they give strength to deal with the difficulties.After all, these fragile creatures, no matter what, make their way through the snow cover.We hope that after reading this material you will not have a question on how to draw a snowdrop.As you can see, it's pretty simple.Suffice it to carry out the instructions step by step, adding the imagination.