How and what treatment is carried wood from rotting?

Wood - great stuff, but insects and rot can cause it irreparable damage.Insects, though much harm, yet can not match the scale of the devastation with putrefaction.And so for buildings of this material is so important woodwork against rot.

Note that the rot is best developed in a warm and humid environment.On its speed directly affects how the material had been prepared before the start of construction.

So woodwork against rot begins at the stage of logging.You must know that fresh, just a tree trunk humidity varies between 80% and therefore it should be thoroughly dry.It is best to use for this natural weathering, the duration of which shall be not less than one year.

Until recently, treatment of wood from rotting carried out with a solution of copper sulfate.Our ancestors, for the same purposes to use tar and resin.In a domestic environment it can often see how to prevent the development of rotting waste used motor oil.This method, although effective, is not suitable for premises, and the conservation of ecology are playing an important role here.

All methods can be divided into two large groups.The first is the diffusion method, when the surface of wood treated with special penetrating compounds.In another case, the surface treatment is applied paints and polymer compositions that prevent access of air and moisture to the wood, preventing its putrefaction.

As can be understood that the processing of wood from rot of the first type is more effective?Typically, the antifouling paste produced from antiseptic, filler and thickener, a substance which imparts the required degree of viscosity.In particular, for a bituminous paste is used as such bitumen.The antiseptic properties of the solution according to her green soap.

Silicate paste - a homogeneous mixture of stone oil, liquid glass and several fungicides.Note that for the effective operation of such compositions humidity of the wood is important, which should be within 40%.If this figure is less, the diffusion process is practically not.In this case, treatment of wood against rotting does not bring tangible benefits.

For the decontamination of fresh wood can be used in the solution of potassium dichromate sulfuric acid.The advantage of this method is that it not only effectively decontaminates the tree itself, but even the soil around it.It is an excellent tool for the treatment of the lower rims of buildings.

Recently, many new synthetic means.But one should always remember that any means for the treatment of wood to be not only effective, but also safe for human health.Unfortunately, powerful chemicals, though able to permanently protect the tree from all kinds of rot, often simply dangerous.

Caution should be approached to compositions which are based on salts of zinc and tin, as they are quite toxic.