The methods of conflict resolution

Do not understand the conflict as something entirely negative.The fact is that in many cases it helps to resolve the situation, remove barriers between people, once and for all clarify the relationship.Conflicts are not only social but also intrapersonal.They often occur between groups of people.Methods for resolution of intrapersonal conflicts of all more specific.This is due to the fact that man has not come to an agreement with someone, and with himself.

In general, we note that any conflict should be resolved.Do not be afraid of an open showdown.To postpone it too is not recommended.

way to resolve social conflicts

begin with evasion.This method is also called the withdrawal from the conflict.In this case, the parties to the conflict because of the unwillingness to spoil someone relationships begin to convince yourself that the problem does not exist.Often they begin to infringe upon themselves to any interest.Many amuse the hope that everything will end by itself.Different methods of conflict resolution and avoidance is probably the least effective ones.

Sometimes the resolution is due to duress.In this case, one side begins to put their interests above all others.If the other party for some reason is not interested in defending their positions, the conflict will soon be exhausted.

methods of conflict resolution include and compliance.In this case, all similar to the compulsion, the only difference is that one party agrees with the opinions of others without much pressure, that is, for some internal reasons.Compliance can lead to a clearer perception of the infringement of its own interests.The conflict thus be resolved in whole or in part.Often it develops from an open to a hidden.Hidden differences can be very dangerous.It is possible that they will spoil relations between people.

more effective ways to resolve conflicts include compromise.In this case, both sides are going to make concessions.As a rule, these concessions are deliberate, calculated, mutually beneficial.The thing is that each side gives up something important in favor of the opposing.However, the opposing party also refuses something.

general, the compromise is effective, but cons still there.The main is that there is a likelihood of the need to abandon something important, significant, necessary.A compromise must be approached very seriously, consciously, deliberately.

methods of conflict resolution include cooperation.Specificity of cooperation is that the opposing sides see a way out of this situation in full satisfaction of the interests of each other.

Cooperation effectively for the reason that allows you to get the right without giving up something.It also makes it possible to not only ruin, but also to strengthen the relationship.Cooperation specific and not always possible, but still should not miss the opportunity to end the conflict in this way.

Why not be afraid of conflict

fact that the problems are rarely solved by themselves.Due to the conflict a person can become depressed, oppressed, squeezed.He will try to go into the shadows, not to stand out once again.Much more rational to take and find out everything.It does not matter - you win or lose in the conflict.Much more important is that resolved a difficult situation, which prevents to live, work, think and develop normally.

also worth remembering that participated in the conflict provides a good life experience, which can help in the future.Appreciate it.