Why not see the laptop hard drive?

Hard disk required to store information on computers it is installed and the operating system, but if the laptop does not see the hard drive, then access to information can not be obtained, because the operating system does not start.In fact, the reasons may be many, but if this is a problem in the settings, then you can easily resolve the matter on their own.

What to do?

To solve the problem you need to go in the BIOS, and already there you will be able to exactly find out what the reason.Especially if the laptop stopped seeing the hard drive, then you will get out a specific message, why can not boot up the operating system.The method that best suits you to fix this problem, you can select only after you spend diagnostics.At best, you just need to make simple settings in the BIOS, well, at worst, it may be necessary to replace the hard drive, or even replace the motherboard.Of course, if you need to replace the motherboard, then it is recommended to contact the experts as to replace a device in the laptop without the skills will be difficult, and you may damage some other important part.


So, as we said earlier, if the laptop does not see the hard drive, then you must first know the reason, but it is just now, we'll talk.The reasons why a hard drive refuses to work may be different, for example, is its direct damage, failure settings BIOS (it happens, but very rarely), as well as failure of the controller.If you were able to determine that the problem originated in the hard disk, then it is most likely due to mechanical damage of the device, this can occur when the falls, strong vibrations or shocks.In fact, damage the hard disk drive is very simple.Of course, not many people can self-determine what is the reason failure of the hard disk, you may need to repair it, respectively, the device will need to give a specialized service for a full diagnosis.

Laptop does not see the hard drive, what to do: details

The first thing you need to perform is to go to a special program settings BIOS.Go to the settings you can immediately after starting the computer, it will require to press F2 or F4, but remember that some other notebook models may be involved, and other buttons.In this setting you are able to look at to determine whether or not the hard drive.Also, you can look at and, if necessary, change the settings to activate or connect the hard drive.Sometimes settings yourself be shot down, in which case you must manually make them again.Immediately after the transition in the BIOS before you will be a small table, which will be shown connected devices, this CD-ROM and hard disk.If the laptop does not see the hard drive in the BIOS, then there is a good chance that it is damaged, and therefore, he will be in need of repair or replacement with a new hard drive.But do not just upset because the deal can only be in the loop, for example, he could detach or simply fail.The worst option would be damage to the controller on the motherboard, in some cases it may be necessary to replace the motherboard.To test your hard drive, it will be enough to connect your laptop to another identical model.If, after connecting to another device, it is determined and works, then most likely the problem is not in it, but the motherboard or loop.Help


If you can not see the laptop hard drive, and there is absolutely no skills in dealing with this issue, in which case you will only service center, staffed by professionals.Yet before access their services, try looking in the BIOS, to determine whether or not he.If the laptop does not see the hard disk, and you alone could not solve the problem, then you should know that in the service center solution to this problem can cost very dearly.