How to become a hacker

This article is designed for those readers who know that hacking (in the usual negative sense of the word) is illegal and carries a number of negative consequences for both the attacker and for society as a whole.For comparison, imagine a cracker apartments - he entered illegally, committing damage to property and sometimes stealing.In this sense, the hacker is no different from this type of men: and that, and the other is judged and sent to prison.

Therefore, the first rule in the development of this case reads: before you become a hacker, check with the laws and think about responsibility.

Hacker thing became popular almost immediately after it appeared online.Today, you can often hear: "I want to become a hacker, cracker", and questions about how to break the site, fill online, even considering the fact that in recent times there are many examples of show trials in the case of pests network information space.

Next, we give a few tips that can be used exclusively for informative and constructive purposes and does not apply to violations of the law.


Before you become a hacker, you need to understand what it is.In society, there are several myths about this computer crafts, and all of them are only partially correspond to the truth.

Firstly, it is believed that the hacker - it is the programmer who is very familiar with this area and hacking programs, databases, security systems, etc.Part of that statement is true, namely, that these people are highly qualified.The rest does not correspond to the truth: hackers initially corrected mistakes programs detours, solving a lot of challenges.Those who breaks with the destructive purposes of the program, known as "crackers", and they do not enjoy special respect among programmers.

The word "hacker" is sometimes used when it comes to first-class specialists, who knows the slightest subtleties of his craft and knows how to deal with non-standard professional tasks.

But now, most people understand how malicious hackers who steal information not intended for publication or falling into the "wrong hands" (eg, passwords, secret government documents, personal information, etc.).

also an understanding of hacking in society is so blurry that their ranks and rank of those who create and distribute viruses, illegally gains access to cash accounts.

can say that a large group of people think of hackers and crackers pests.

We will adhere to the concept of the hacker as a capable and intelligent programmer, whose activities are not aimed at the destruction and theft.

How to become a hacker: creativity

To be a hacker, you need to be a creative person, because the basis of this work - to find unusual solutions.

Feature hacking - variety, so you need to solve new problems that require innovative approaches.Since developing the skill that is the main feature of a hacker.

How to become a hacker: knowledge and languages ​​

To become one, you need to have a high level of intelligence, specific knowledge and practice.

most important thing - to learn to program.To do this, select the language, learn it and practice.For this master enough to know one language perfectly, so you need to understand the principle of the method of any language to be able to for a couple of days to explore any other, correlating some of the differences already known.

How to become a hacker: Practice

Books and classes can give only a general theoretical understanding of this field, so if you do not want to teach languages, wants the real practice, whereas the most effective way - to read other people's code and write your own.