How to cut your baby?

has long been suggested that the first hairs of the child should be at zero shear.Allegedly, only then they start to grow thick.Scientific opinion is not proven, but the question of how to cut the kid ask all parents.There are a few tips that will help you carry out the procedure without a hitch.

all, Dad, only longer

children aged from six months tend to emulate their parents in every way.Mom laughs - son smiling.Pope frowns - daughter also collects edge of the nose.Therefore, the question is also connected haircuts example to follow.In this particular case - the pope.Why do it?Because the machine can cut it, but my mother is unlikely.Cherished lady to your hair are.Before you cut your baby, call him or Seat in front of the Pope.Turn on the machine and observe the reaction of the child.If he is not afraid, and do not flinch at her stolidly react, proceed to the second stage.Slowly remove the Pope hair on top.Reset so that the child they have not got.Pope plays the role of a smiling dummy.

After you are ready to hairs of the child.The earliest hair thin as fluff.If they are the industry for more than five centimeters, it is better to remove them first with scissors.Before you cut your child prepare sharp scissors, but with rounded ends.Hairs clipped from the bottom, gradually rising higher.If a child suddenly vzbryknet and abandon the procedure, do not insist.Your persistence will eventually lead to the stoic hostility to haircuts.Set aside until the evening or the next day.

If everything goes like clockwork, the time comes when the scissors and machines.Only it is possible to completely remove all the hair under a zero, so if you so intended.How to cut your baby's machine exactly?You should begin all the same from the back of the head, rising up evenly on all sides.Very neat.No need to scrape the skin, even if the machine and attachment.It can injure the child.The process takes a long time for the first time.Once children are comfortable with the usual procedure, only sometimes capricious.Be patient and cut the through.

pripevochki girls and boys bunnies

Girls rarely mowed by machine.Most often it is a neat haircut with bangs or without.Kindergarten boys, too, rarely shaved at zero.How to cut your baby home alone with scissors, but still exactly?You will need a well-sharpened scissors (well, if they are professional), and a thin comb.First the parting - even without zigzags.Then shorn bangs.Hair can sprinkle some water, if they are electrified and attracted to the comb.After the bang, and proceed to the tips.There could cut the like per capita will fall.Just remember that your child has to go to a haircut.Creative is not particularly relevant in the age of 10.Later you can make fashion and unusual hairstyles.

Before you cut the kid, you need to be patient.Sometimes kids just dabble in, turning his head and did not want to sit still.Engage them.Include at least a couple of minutes cartoons.Beautiful hairstyles you!