Instruments and objects of labor.

object of labor - the objects of the material world.These things in the course of consumption transferred own material substance to another thing or a change in the material substance other things.In these circumstances the subject of work is subject to the full spending during economic use.

guns, by contrast, do not share or transferred to another thing their material substance.This is their main difference from the objects of labor.

example, the machine to where the manufacture, does not translate its material substance to the workpiece.Thus, the machine - gun.When this material substance of the material used for manufacturing, the process proceeds to consumption (use) of the product.Thus, the material - the object of labor.As a result, the machine is disposed of after the full depreciation.A material passing its material substance of the product, the product and the cost of transfers.

Experts, meanwhile, point out that the division of the things the instruments or objects of labor depends on the nature of their use.Thus, one and the same item (item) can be used in different ways.Thus, the same material object can be classified as the subject of work, or his gun.

The same machine is considered to be the typical instrument.However, under certain circumstances (e.g., at point of sale to third parties), it becomes a subject.

It should be noted that the distribution of objects can not always be straight.An example would be a ballpoint pen.It turned out that the thing itself is, to take into account certain facts.Thus, the body handles undoubtedly serves as a weapon.The ink is consumed in the process of writing, their material substance passing a sheet of paper.Thus, the ink - the object of labor.As a result, an object that is used is one in a property complex, may refer to the gun.However, at the same time the object in question is the expenditure side and, in the category of objects of labor.

objects in storage, are not subject to classification.Although during this period you can build certain assumptions.Conclusions about the features of the forthcoming application of things can be done, taking into account the intentions of the owners or based on existing practice.However, the available knowledge can be refuted, and intentions may undergo changes.

determine the nature of future use of the object can be based on representations of the object in the material world.For certain categories of things as objects or tools virtually unusable.However, only their practical application allows you to establish the truth.

object of labor is called integral part of the production facilities.This category refers to all that is subject to any treatment.These objects are sent to human labor.

Some of these facilities are available in nature and are natural.These include wood, coal, oil, and so on.Others are the result of labor - "raw material".These include cotton, metal, wood.

During production, the final release, the intermediate and the original form of the state of the objects of labor.

In determining the length of the production cycle can be used in different types of objects of the labor movement.

When sequential order beginning of each new operation is carried out only after the processing of all the products from the previous operation.In a parallel movement after the first operation of each product is transferred to another operation without waiting for the initial treatment of the entire party.Thus reducing the period of the object of labor for all transactions.

parallel-sequential order beginning involves a subsequent step before it is finished the previous batch of products.This reduces the time and provides uninterrupted loading of all jobs.