How to start a conversation with a guy, "In Touch"?

Many girls after seeing photos near the guy who at this point it is interesting, marked "online", just think what would he write.By the way, the question of how to start a conversation with a guy "in contact", mainly interested audience from twelve to seventeen years of age, ie teenagers.According to numerous surveys, men older than seventeen or eighteen prefer to live, not virtual communication.

How to start a conversation with a guy "in contact" if you do not know?

Perhaps looking at the friends list of one of the friends you have got an interesting profile.You naturally want to communicate with her owner.But it begins to torment the question of how to start a conversation with a guy "in contact".First you need to overcome the lack of confidence, if present.Remember, starting a conversation, you have absolutely nothing to lose.Of course, the young man who liked you, can not live up to expectations, but it is possible that you have a lot of common interests.You can start a conversation with a simple "Hi!"When not to use the hackneyed phrase "How are you?", To ask politely if you have a young man time to correspond with you.

receiving an affirmative answer, you'll have complete control of the situation!For example, look at his record and view a list of your favorite artists and bands.Open the video.Perhaps there is stored a few films that you could discuss with the conversation.Pay attention to the manner of speech guy, figuring so if he wants to continue to communicate.

How to start a conversation "in contact", if you are a young man already familiar?

Maybe you and learn / work / regularly visit the same event, go to a gym.Options dozens, but the essence is - you know.Maybe you occasionally communicate in reality or just nod to each other in greeting.Start with the circuit located in the first section ("How to start a conversation with a guy" in contact "if you do not know?")

Because you know him a little bit, you should at least superficially to be aware of his hobbies and interests.This greatly simplifies the task.Again, watch out for his speech.If he responds unwillingly and in short sentences, you probably do not want to communicate.But when a guy enthusiastically responds to questions asked by you or, better yet, he asks you, then everything is fine.

How to start a conversation "in contact" with her boyfriend after an argument?

quarreled with his second half, we expect the partner first step towards the restoration of relations, while remaining themselves proud and arrogant.But what if a girl wants to make peace, but it is difficult to talk to the guy at the meeting, and do not want to invite him to the meeting?The best option - a conversation in social networks.You can write him a long letter one or just lead a normal conversation at will.Follow a few rules: Do not use profanity, clearly explain your thoughts and Arguments them, do not use harsh statements towards his acquaintances, friends, relatives.