What to talk to the guy: Tips

Many girls are nervous and are afraid to say something not on the first date.For excitement you can forget all about what to talk to the guy.A silence as his unnerving as excessive talkativeness.In this situation, the most important thing - is to gather his thoughts, relax and think about the fact that he has already asked you on a date, it is you, then you are your strengths and weaknesses he liked!

In general, girls are often exaggerate the importance of a first date.And treats it as if in a country mansion dinner alone with a special blue bloods.This is a major mistake.After all, first of all we need to think about how to have a good time, even if you do nothing with this guy will not leave.

How to behave on a date?How to talk to a guy?

most important thing - is to feel your best.Then you'll be relaxed and confident in its irresistible and never stop to think not what to talk to the guy.It will give confidence ease any conversation, and everything will turn out by itself.So nice and convenient to get dressed for a date.Be

itself.Do not try to portray the one who you are not.Do not try to seem better.Of course, nothing prevents you to boast of their achievements before the young man.But be careful not to accidentally offend or humiliate him.

course, every guy wants to be on top.Play along, laugh at his jokes, make a compliment.But silly giggling, winking all the time do not have to ogle.Otherwise, it will quickly lose interest in you.

Learn to listen.This will help you to communicate with the guys.Everyone loves a thoughtful interlocutors, but not overly talkative persons.

nothing to talk about with the guy, and what better to remain silent?

easiest - is to talk about your common interests.And they have, of course.After all, you are on a date.Then the conversation turned light and easy for both of you.

A simple variant - to discuss the events that happened to you today.Do not tell me all the time about themselves.Ask him about how his day, that was interesting at work or university.

interested in him, his life plans and ambitions.This topic will be of interest to you and to him.Men love to talk about themselves, and you know what he wants from life, and whether it is compatible with your desires.

also interesting to discuss the new fashion film, a book or musical group.Start to talk about their impressions of the film, and your young people will pick up the conversation.

Do not complain about his life.No one is interested in other people's problems.Perhaps he will listen to you.But only out of politeness.And the mood you really spoil him.

Nor should ask him personal questions.Generally, scroll to the following taboo topics when communicating with the guys:

- problems of any kind (both monetary and health);

- intimate details of your life;

- relationship with ex-boyfriend;

- personal life, deficiencies or problems of your mutual friends.

Do not talk to the guy who is going to pay for your dinner in the restaurant.Even if you are very concerned about this issue.It will show you not at its best.

nothing to talk about with the guy on the first date is not worth it, because it's about relationships.Of course, almost all dating guys afoot for it.But it is you need in a relaxed atmosphere in the evening to make it clear to him when you're ready to move to a more intimate relationship.

can tell him: "I believe that a closer relationship between the man and a woman can be only when they are well enough to know each other."

course, is that the desire for intimacy can occur instantly.But it is better to wait a bit to get to know him better.At least for the purpose of self-preservation.After all, our world - a dangerous thing for the fragile and delicate girl.

In fact, according to what your partner says, you can learn a lot about him.For example, it is important how and what he says about his ex-girlfriend.Listen, maybe someday it will be well to talk about you.

you still ask yourself, how to learn to talk to the guys?Leave these doubts and uncertainties!All this is inherent in the nature of you.Be sweet, gentle, feminine and confident.Listen guy, interested in him and his success, and all you get!