Causes of deviant behavior: 5 theories

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deviant behavior brings a lot of trouble to society and individual families.Deviant behavior - is the inability to keep the person in the social framework, to comply with the rules established by the group.Researchers at different times wondered what makes a man behave badly.Causes of deviant behavior, even in our time are not clear until the end.To date, developed 5 major theories explaining deviant behavior.Let us examine them in detail.

1. Control theory

This theory explains why most people still avoid deviant behavior.That communication society engagement, have a controlling influence on the person, so those who want to be part of society, trying to respect the written and unwritten laws.Usually deviant behavior of children is due to the fact that they have no friends, that respect the social norms.And parents are not the authority, and can not exercise control over the right thing.If a person feels that he has made efforts to become a member of the group, there is a strong possibility that he will try to meet the expectations of important people.Thus, the group controls the behavior of the individual.

2. The theory of differential association

Association in this phrase means social networks.If you explain in simple language, this theory says that people in the decision not behave correctly looks to people who also misbehave.This theory is particularly loved by criminologists.And we all know that children who have got into bad company, risk behavior, too bad.So engage in theft, drug addiction and even organized crime.Causes of deviant behavior, according to this theory, rooted in "bad svliyanii."To prevent it, it is necessary to introduce a teenager with adults who may be his authoritative.This can be the coach sports section or a professional bodybuilder.So people trust the teens more than their own parents.

3. The theory of anomie

Do not be afraid of the second noun in the name of the theory.Anomie referred to a special condition of the individual, which is associated with the loss of value orientations.This theory is rightfully could be called a theory of conflicting values.It happened when the USSR collapsed.Parents talked about the importance of education, and the children saw that the former masters of life become Losers.Advocate for high moral values ​​and become successful people who ignore even the most basic social norms.That is, this theory explains the causes of deviant behavior that a person confused and does not know how to proceed in an ambiguous situation.

4. Theory shortcuts

It consists in the fact that a person once made a mistake, it is as if marked for deviant behavior.The reasons for the "wrong" way of life lies in the fact that society is not inclined to change their minds about a person.That is a teenager who has a criminal record, he will consider himself a criminal for life.And the attitude of the people to make such a miserable fit into the stereotype, a label that was pasted on them because of the often random and senseless act.To solve this problem, efforts are needed on the damage state.

5. Theory of deviant subcultures

Some subcultures are promoting lifestyle, is not too relevant norms of society.This theory is in common with the theory of differential association.But as a rule, the fifth is used only to explain the causes of deviant behavior of young people.Of course, we can not say that the hippie culture itself forced to take all the drugs, or the punk culture made people too aggressive.However, these trends were, which made the researchers highlight this theory in particular.

All theories explain only a certain share of reality.Therefore we can not any of them are considered universal.Perhaps, over time there will be new, more accurate.