Traits: list

character - is a unity, integrity.How does it affect a person's life?Globally!The fact that all our actions are somewhat justified.We do so as we spoke our minds and hearts.Also in our lives it affects another factor.Either man is something like the inner core, which has a direct impact on his behavior.It's about character.This rod is made up of certain human qualities that were fixed in the course of daily activities.

character traits, the list of which will be discussed in this article are different.Some of them make us better, others - worse.The list of traits is extensive.All they somehow influence our lives.Can I change my character?Yes, you can.It is difficult to do, but sometimes without it simply can not do.We are not always to blame for what became.Improper training, bad company, improper education - all of which can badly affect the character of the individual.Man vaccinated bad qualities, and he begins to think that they are the norm.Timely awareness of the problem will help to solve it.

character, a list of which we will look at impact and how we communicate with others.You have many friends?Perhaps the problem is not the people, and that you need to change your inner self.

character: list

important positive feature of character is hard work.Any person willing to work and achieve a great deal.It's not about the ability to unload the wagons, and the labor in general: both physically and intellectually.Has such a character trait like hard work, do not stand still and is constantly looking for new and new activities, which could realize themselves.The opposite of this character trait is laziness.Of course, it corrupts people.A man because it becomes difficult to lift, inert, unable to achieve their goals.

character, a list of which is wide, include and kindness.Good people open to the world, always ready to help those in need.They refuse the evil, because they understand that bad things in what good will not result.The opposite trait is anger.

Excellent quality character - courage.Ambitious people are always ahead.They are not afraid of any difficulties in life, all of them on the shoulder.Speaking of courage, not to mention more and courage.Courage is also the excellent quality of human nature.

What about cowardice?The people are the owners of these traits are always in the back rows.Often life is passing them.They do not find the strength and courage to do something new, something that would change not only themselves, but also the world.

character, a list of which is presented here are diverse.They also include sociability.It helps us to establish contacts with other people, make new friends, keep the old, and so on.The man - a social creature.This means that living in a society should be able to communicate with their own kind.Uncommunicative - a negative character trait.Being a loner is good, but not always.It is worth thinking about what lies ahead.Sooner or later, still want to see next to a people whom you can really rely on.

Here is a list of positive qualities of man:

- friendliness;

- openness;

- kindness;

- perseverance;

- openness to new;

- seriousness;

- kindness;

- restraint;

- tact;

- cheerfulness;

- determination;

- persistence and so on.

Here is a list of negative character traits:

- inertia;

- envy;

- aggressiveness;

- idleness;

- closed;

- ill;

- restlessness, and so on.