How to learn to juggle balls

Juggling - is very effective, and entertaining trick.Juggler at the same time throws from one hand to another, and a few balls accurately catches them.Looking at these honed action, it seems that this art is almost impossible, or at least, very difficult to learn.However, it is not.Armed with patience and good humor and attentiveness, you can quite quickly learn the basics of juggling three or four balls.The main thing - do not give up and tune in to a success.

To understand how to learn to juggle, you need to consider a few rules.First of all, suitable balls required.These are considered to be weighted plastic balls (sold in any store), or professional, for tennis.You can use baseball and golf balls.

The next important step is the proper body position.How to learn to juggle, if you slouch and constantly lean forward?Balls will fall constantly, mistakes will lead to depression, and training will come to naught.Remember to avoid this, you have to stand up straight, look ahead, feet should be shoulde

r width apart.Hands bend at the elbows, shoulders slumped.The elbows should be parallel to the floor and left leg - to come forward a little bit.

And, finally, how to learn to juggle without first attempt?Try to throw the ball from one palm to the other only by hand.The shoulders should not move the elbow the movement is minimized.Try to keep the ball flew constantly in an arcuate path, and at eye level.Look ahead and follow him without moving his head.

When this stage is successfully passed, take the second ball and try to perform the same exercise, only two items.

Gradually you learn and juggling 4 balls, but still bring to the automaticity exercise two.Take the ball in each hand and throw the first one.

When he starts to decrease after passing the top of the path, throw a second so that it was slightly below the path of the first.

If both balls landed in your hands, then, all right.

Upon completion of this stage can begin to master juggling three balls.In his right hand, take two balls to lay in the palm of one by another.In his left hand, put a.

starts throwing the ball from the top of the right palm.When he begins to fall, the next throw of his left hand and catch it the first goal.

latter third toss, when the second starts to land.

Thus, at the end of a cycle juggling in his right hand should be 1 ball, and the left -

Try also one arm to throw and catch two balls.Then try the same second hand.When both right and left hands equally well cope with the task, you can begin to juggle four balls, you have two hands at once.

Try tossing them synchronously and asynchronously.A lot of times, and having fulfilled this exercise, you learn to juggle 4 items and prove yourself that you have the will power and are able to learn something new.

To visualize how to learn to juggle, you can watch a video in which this process slowly and gradually portrayed.

And you will notice that juggling, though it seems at first sight complicated and incomprehensible science, in fact, is an interesting, exciting activities, carried away by them, you can forget about all the other cases!And he can learn almost everyone!