What are current mirrors?

modern car is not just a means of transportation.Innovative technologies have advanced so far that the machine is now equipped not only with radio, tape recorder or DVD-player.Manufacturers seek to equip the car to the maximum: GPS-navigators, video recorder, radar detector ... In a word - a modern car there are a thousand and one little things that make a convenient control of the car and ride - comfort.

Multifunction mirrors

today are nothing new mirror with a camera and a monitor.Very often all sorts of "gadgets" producers inserted into the rearview mirror.The whole area, which covers the camera, broadcast on a special monitor (the most commonly used LCD monitors with touch panel).Often in the mirror embedded as navigators and DVRs.There are also models in which integrated several useful devices.

course, these universal mirrors - a thing not cheap.Sometimes, only one DVR in the rear view mirror can cost the same amount as the budget option for multi-mirror.Therefore, it should be remembered that the buy one mirror with lots of features will come in any case cheaper than buying several devices separately.

rearview mirrors DVR.What are the benefits?

DVR built into the rear mirror and filmed everything that is happening around the car.As usual DVR, such a device could help in controversial emergency.Some models of such mirrors can be operated even when the car is not opened.Video recording with the ignition off will be conducted not too long - about one and a half hours.However, it still gives you a guarantee of safety equipment.So that such advanced mirrors not only make the car more comfortable operation, but also take care of your safety.

Mirrors with the navigator and "radar detectors"

can not say that GPS-navigator - irreplaceable thing in the car.Often, however, this useful device is very helpful, for example, when traveling in an unfamiliar city.Therefore, more and more manufacturers of navigators are inserted directly into the rear view mirror.As practice shows, it is very convenient.

also quite common so-called "radar detectors" or radar detectors.Their function is to pre-warn the driver of approaching traffic police officers of the State with radars that measure speed in his hands.In the OFF state a "radar" looks like an ordinary rear view mirror, and when the screen displays the estimated location of the radar.It should be noted that sometimes such Soup issue is not too accurate, and sometimes frankly wrong.But, nevertheless, if you like polihachit better insure and buy this device for your car.