Signs: Swallow flew out the window - what does it mean?

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People have long been turning their attention to the signs.Swallow flew out the window - what does it mean?First of all, it is worth noting that this bird has a mystical significance.Generally, the birds were used for divination and spells.They are considered a symbol of the human soul.This association arose a very long time and are still preserved.Now, there are bad and good signs, many of which are scientifically substantiated.

So should list some signs.Swallow flew out the window?Most likely, this was due to the fact that it flies low.This is just a sign of the category of those who justified scientifically.If this happens - it's the rain.Birds due to the low atmospheric pressure go down where catch their prey.

Now folk superstitions.Swallow flew out the window and flew out - this to the fact that soon the house will come a message or perhaps someone will die.The latter interpretation is consistent also accept that if a bird got into the house through the chimney.If you swallow sat on the window sill or window - it is a little costly.Birds fly around the house?Someone badly ill.However, this does not apply to the case, if somewhere nearby is a nest of birds.If you swallow has built his home, and then left it (flight to warmer climes does not count) - to the distress.About nest there are other individual signs.

Swallow flew out the window and went to the side of the man - it is a success.If it is, on the contrary, immediately flew - it is bad, it is considered a bad omen.See this bird in the sky - a pleasant and unexpected meeting, or perhaps to the good news.

killeth swallow - that all good luck on household abandoned.If this bird built a nest somewhere very close to human habitation - it's a great sign.It has always been considered a swallow thrifty hostess, which attracts light and dry place with a warm aura.Therefore, if it is moved close to the person's home - you need to protect it.

We can not say a few words about the signs of death.When the man saw the dead bird - it is a great misfortune.The same interpretation of a sign, when someone saw a pure white bird.Notice about the house (on the window sill, window, roof) screaming crow, magpie or raven - trouble.

swallow flew out the window - a sign of the fact that there will be thunder.To hear her whistling or singing - a nice change.If someone dared to destroy its nest - waiting for his troubles.It can not be done.Otherwise, then you can see a swallow flies over the shoulder, which promises certain death.

If these birds came too early - good luck is considered as portends a happy year.As the saying goes, the swallow pochinaet spring day, and the nightingale of its ends.

Signs that are associated with this bird is quite contradictory.For example, in Ireland people believe that every swallow, there are three drops of blood of the devil.But true Christians interpret that "swallow and dove - a bird, loved by God."That is why it is considered a great sin to ruin their nests.In Belgium, it is believed that if the swallow flew into the house - it's good, it means that someone from the dead gives to know that he's all right at the light.