What is the account and why you should register on the web portal?

The number of visitors of Internet sites is growing exponentially.Also, as the number of the sites themselves.Today we are not only available thematic resources, but also various kinds of services for the use of which requires registration.

Faced with the need to register the first time, ieenter your username and password, many netizens are lost and are likely to give in to the first request just close the page.Especially if it appears some strange word: Head to your account or fill in your personal page.

And what account and why personal page - is unclear ... Let's deal.

your Account is called the account - the word comes to us from the English language and was widely used in the network, not to write a long phrase.So it opened on the Internet - everyone wants to simplify things, to reduce the words to come up with new ones, to use the term of a foreign language.And we just have to get used to this trend.

analyze in detail what the account, which means that the expression "to have an account" and why it is needed.On some sites, such a measure is necessary due to the specific resource.Such sites are called Web services.These include message boards, various directories, search engines, forums, blogs, file sharing, hosting (for storing files), mail services, and finally, the social networks.If you are going to work actively on this resource, you need an account - the place where your information is displayed (date of registration, mailbox, your name is on the site - it is, by the way, can be any).All the details are only visible to you and the site administration.The rest of the users are not available.

order to attend all of these resources, as well as the usual information (thematic) sites do not necessarily know what the account.But if you plan to work actively on this portal, to use its resources and communicate with other registered visitors - Get account required.It will give you several advantages over non-registered users.Which - depends on the specific resource.

example, email accounts - allow you to send and check e-mails.The most common e-mail services are mail, gmail and rambler.Creating an electronic box at each of them a number of advantages.On mail.ru you also get the opportunity to communicate in the popular social network, rambler.ru - access to other sections of this search engine.Account Gmail - is access to one of the most popular services in the world of Google.Its design does not cease to amaze.Google - the not only all known search engine, and multi-service portal.

account What is Google - the ability to create text documents directly on the internet, as well as presentations, spreadsheets.Working in Google documents, you can do without special, office applications (Microsoft or OpenOffice).Registered users can download new versions of browsers and other useful software for free.And make your blog or website for free.Account on Google opens up a host of opportunities for professionals and website owners (advertising campaigns, applications for websites, Statistics).Account offers great opportunities for communication: chat, forum, video calls and much more.I wonder what else will come up with the developers of the company, to please their users ...

So, what is an account?It's kind of personal account on a specific web portal, allowing to carry out a series of actions that are not available for unregistered users to enjoy unique services, as well as store information in it and download files to your computer.Accounts - a way to protect your portal from unknown persons and malice.After all, if you want the site administration can close any account and access to the site.Therefore, be sure to carefully read the registration agreement between you and the site administrator.