The main consumable in welding - welding wire

welding wire used in carrying out various welding, is the main consumable, playing the role of electrodes.It is fed into the working zone at a speed of fusion and ensures the continuity of the process.Welding wire provides a high-quality seam.

About marking

wire type used depends on the type of welding and connecting materials.Everyone more or less competent welder aware that welding wire should have a similar composition of metals joined.So, for welding aluminum, stainless, carbon steel or stainless steel to produce it with the name and composition corresponding to the above.

Each of the 77 existing types of wire corresponds to its own mark GOST, regulates its standard physical and chemical parameters: the quality of the metal, the diameter of the carbon content, the presence of dopant materials, and so on. D.

Consider marking the example of St.-08G2S -this is used for semi-automatic welding wire.It accounts for 95% of all sales of consumables used in MIG.

So: the letters "CB" means that the welding wire, "08" - carbon mass fraction of 0.08%, "D" - in the presence of manganese has a wire, and the number "2" refers to the two percent of its content, "C"- silicon content, as well as the number is not specified, less than 1%.This labeling makes it clear it is carbon low-alloy welding wire, used to work with low-alloy steel (which is 90% of rolled metal products).The standard counterparts, but with the international classification, produced all over the world.

Copperplated welding wire

Recently received widespread use of copper-plated welding wire Sv-08g2sO.

by coating it enhances the stability of the welding arc, reduce the degree of spraying, and in addition, provides a smooth and clean weld of high quality with low porosity and a high degree of integrity.Using a wire for welding structures makes them more reliable operation.It is not critical to the use of various types of equipment and is suitable for welding units of any class.It can be used for robotic welding.

Powder, stainless, aluminum ...

With automatic welding gives the best effect cored welding wire.She looks like a tube of low-carbon mild steel powder filling.The composition includes a filler arc stabilizing combustion, scavengers, ferro-alloys, slag-forming substances.This allows the wire to minimize the formation of slag in the welding process, and thus reduce the work for cleaning the joint.

Many industries, such as medical equipment, shipbuilding, energy, require welding stainless steels.In this case, the welding wire is stainless anticorrosive characteristics high, which ensures a high quality weld.

for welding alloys containing aluminum and metal constructions from this there is a special aluminum wire.Furthermore, it provides the sputtering process.

basic rule of selection of welding wire Welding

require extensive professional knowledge, responsible approach to the selection of consumable materials.For welding structures is unacceptable to use a random wire confusing labeling and unknown composition.This can lead to structural collapse due to poor weld.The chemical composition of the filler material should be as close to that of the base metal.