How to kiss for the first time?

no doubt that the first kiss left an indelible mark in the memory of every person.No one can forget that feeling, no matter whether he liked it or not to kiss.

Young boys and girls looking for answers on how to kiss for the first time on the Internet.Some of them even try to train on tomatoes, as well as seek the advice of more experienced comrades or older brother or sister.In this article you will find tips on how to learn to kiss for the first time.

Tips guys

Every guy should know how to kiss.The first time is always scary, do not you want to show yourself in front of a girl in a favorable light.

Since kiss - it is a very intimate process, do not put it on display.Look for kissing foxhole.Best of all, if the first kiss happens in the nature.

sure to prepare for the kiss: Clean mouth chewing gum and gently lick his lips, but so that your partner did not notice.

is important to choose the moment when a girl is ready to kiss.Do not attempt to forcibly kiss a girl.Nothing will come of it.Your girl just as you want it to be.

Try to look into her eyes for a long moment, and then translate the look on her lips and again to look into his eyes.You will notice that the girl is ready to kiss her lips.If she smiles at you in the back and her lips parted a little while, then go ahead and proceed with the case.

not to run their noses, slightly tilt your head.Open lips touch turns to the upper and lower lip partner.Haste in this case is not relevant.Relax.Your kiss should not be prolonged.

If the first kiss had been, but you tormented by the question of how to get better at kissing, you can try the French kiss.The tip of his tongue to make quick circular motion around the partner's language.This is quite unusual and very nice.

tips girls

important thing is not how to kiss for the first time, and what with whom you kiss for the first time.What matters is how much you trust your boyfriend and feel attracted to him.If it is decided that the first kiss is going to happen with this guy, do not forget to take care of the freshness of your breath.

Do not try to take the initiative.You do not need to kiss the first guy, and to be a leader during a kiss.Give a man to be a man.

If you see that the guy wants to kiss you, put his hands on his shoulders, a little walk up to him with his lips, smile, slightly opening the them.While kissing close your eyes.This will help you focus on what you feel.You can delve into the hair a partner or run your hand gently on his neck from the top down, strengthening thus the effect.

Most importantly - connect intuition and do what your heart tells you.I hope that the tips on how to kiss for the first time to help you.A first kiss will be remembered for life by staying in the best memories and very exciting event.Good luck and love!