Technical aspects of Internet connection: what is the mac-address of the router and a leased line

Internet today is not a luxury, or something unusual and surprising.It is an everyday tool for work and leisure, communication and information exchange.That is why many users at the same time or shortly after the acquisition of the first computers to connect to the "World Wide Web."At the same few people think of the connection procedure.And even fewer people pay attention to the technical aspects of the work of a service provider.At the same time we need to understand the principles of networking and know what mac-address, LAN, router, switch, etc."Why?" - Asks a surprised reader is only interested in stocks and prices of different providers.It's simple!Knowledge of network technology - a guarantee of choosing a reliable provider, which means that the subscriber will occur less cause for complaint on the Internet connection and contact with technical support.

choosing a provider, you should pay attention primarily on the type of connection that is used to provide access to them in "virtual space".The most common and used types of connections: via telephone line (the technology ADSL), leased line (or vosmizhilnaya a four twisted-pair) cable television (cable TV).Most high-speed Internet connection and the reliability of the signal provides a dedicated line - it is used by most modern providers.The rest of the connection methods are unreliable and work at low speeds.

Before you understand what the mac-address, you should pay attention to another important parameter.It is important to determine how many computers in your home will be connected to a single network link.If you connect to the network at the same time, several computers, you should consider purchasing a router (router).Of course, there is an option that the connection is made through any one computer (called a central, server), but in such a situation, a computer must be turned on whenever the Internet comes at least one user (even on another computer).This method of creating a home network for most users is inconvenient for many reasons (a large number of wires, the high cost of electricity, the constant work of the computer), and therefore the best way to work in a network to multiple users - a router.The router should be selected based on the recommendations of the provider, aseach network due to some technical features guaranteed to work only on certain models of these devices.

For those who plan to use the internet connection alternately on one computer, then on the other, it is important to understand what the mac-addr.The knowledge of this concept would avoid many of the difficulties associated with work on the network.Mac-address - a unique code for the network card, which allows the transmission of packets of information from the Internet is the computer.

For security, some providers make binding network link it to a computer at this address, and in such cases the connection with the second computer to the "World Wide Web" is not possible without a call to technical support and change the current address.At this stage, users often have questions: «mac-address ... What is it?How to keep it at one and the same, and on a second computer? "Of course, creation of a single network address may, however, this procedure often subsequently affects the appearance of a large number of errors.Therefore it is better still to produce the connection to the internet to find out what the mac-address and check with your provider as produced binding devices to the network.When using mac-address to link computers to the network reliable way to access the Internet from multiple computers will only use the router.