How to create a banner on the site

Put a banner on the site to maximize the promotion of your web project on the Web.It is the most popular method of advertising on the Internet, which helps both beginners and already well-known companies to promote themselves and attract new visitors.

But in order to place a banner on the site, first it has to be somewhere to take.To do this, there are two ways:

  • to draw;
  • ready to take an image from another website.

second method is mainly used when you need to advertise any site-partner (for example, Yandex).Manual is mostly drawn those banners that advertise your products personally.They then posted on other sites.

Why banners?

Their main goal - to attract a large number of users to your online resource.But beyond that, banners perform another task - to form a picture of the company, its brand and promote a positive image.They can also advertise any commercial services, while helping the owners of online shops.

Banner partner sites will bring you a percentage of the sales or just compens

ation for clicks on.This is a great form of additional earnings on its web-site.

How to create a banner for the site?

If you have decided to place ads on your site other resource, then all is simple.Go to this resource and look where the column of partnership agreement.In addition, there may be placed a desired resource (another name - the key site), and instructions for its placement.

But if you decide to create your own banner to the site, it will inevitably face a number of issues that must be resolved before the start of the process.

Image dimensions

Of course, you can create a banner to any size, and then search for sites where you can post.However, the majority of web resources is more common standardized dimensions for advertising images.Here are the most popular ones are: 728x90, 468x60, 336h280, 300h600, 300x250, 250x250, 234x60, 200x200, 180h150, 160x600, 125x125, 120h600, 120x240.Most likely, the whole set will not be available at each site, but information about the affiliate program will specify requirements for your banner.

view banner

By way of banners are divided into three categories:

  • static.It is an ordinary still image.This method is convenient for its simplicity and low weight pictures, but there are significant drawback - the relatively low attractiveness and efficiency.
  • animated.This banner is animation in the format gif.There is already the opposite is true: a high performance, but a lot of weight file.
  • flash or java banner.This is the most difficult option implemented advertising.In fact, it is a small program, which may be present sound, beautiful visuals and even interactive.There are already effective and expression are at the highest level, but to create such an application is hard enough, moreover, this process requires a good knowledge in the field of flash animation.Do not forget that this technology - is relatively new, so some older browsers may not support it, so that your work of genius is just not visible.

application to create banners

For all three types of advertising you'll need a separate program.For still image suitable program CorelDraw or GIMP, animation - Easy GIF Animator, a flash banner on the site the easiest way to create in Adobe Flash.