Individual training and what it represents

individual training ... Today's parents are probably more than once had to meet this term in the Western magazines, television programs or films.By personally designed program once occupied many outstanding scientists, athletes, and politicians of the world?Interestingly, it is tempting, and most likely, promising, does not it?

And what is happening in our country?Is it possible?

Section 1. Individual training in Russia .

In accordance with the figures of the Department of State Policy of the Russian Federation, at the moment only in our country individual training are 85,000 children, including about 45 thousand people with disabilities.

number of lessons depends on the class in which they were trained, and the rate for one week, and a total of:

  • for grades 1-4 - about 8 hours;
  • for 5-8 classes - 10 hours;
  • to 9 th - 11 hours;
  • for 10-11's - no more than 12 hours.

modern Russian legislation allows persons who have reached school age, to receive the necessary education in educational institutions and at home.Usually, the reason for the registration of this type of learning can serve as the problems associated with mental or physical health, and child.

Although in principle the parents may wish to educate their child on their own, or bring to the learning process of private teachers.It is not contrary to the law on education.

Section 2. Individual training . main advantages.

  1. pace of acquiring knowledge.From this perspective, the undisputed leader of the so-called home schooling becausethe curriculum is adjusted individually for each student.Someone possessed all the necessary material in a relatively short period of time, and someone needs extra time.Individual training in the school to arrange virtually impossible, sincethe teacher should be given sufficient and equal time to each student.
  2. Taking into account the abilities of the child.Charge of the baby coach, parents can be confident that a highly qualified specialist in time to see the capacity of the ward.As a result, little mathematician will be more in-depth work out, say, physics, mathematics and chemistry, and the humanities will continue the learning process, with an emphasis on literature and foreign languages.
  3. supportive work environment.Houses can, if desired, to create special conditions for training, namely, to produce school furniture by individual project, prepare a set of all necessary literature (reference books, encyclopedias, dictionaries).If your baby wakes up very early in the morning is more active, go in the morning, and the baby-owl longer will benefit the work of the evening.
  4. psychological aspect.We no longer need the child's emotional every time suffer additional stress associated with adjusting to a new environment, staff, and the environment in general.
  5. necessary measure.Very often it develops so that home-based education is not just a whim of modern parents, and the only way to get an education.Often, such babies are not allowed in school.And if reading, writing and mathematics in the early stages of the parents will be able to cope on their own, the individual learning English or any other foreign language, in case, of course, if someone from the family is not a qualified teacher in this industry requires the services of a certain kindspecialists.

Section 3. Individual training.The disadvantages of this type of training.

  1. Sotsializtsiya.According to psychologists, at the home of study child often lacks in communication with their peers.This may subsequently affect his social adaptation.
  2. healthy competition.The so-called "home" student usually gets a huge amount of information and the learning process he goes in a homelike atmosphere.But from the point of view of psychology, baby very quickly get used to the fact that he gets all the attention of the teacher, and as a result is far behind in terms of psychological maturity.
  3. objectivity of evaluation.Of course, schooling is very likely there is a risk that your child will simply go unnoticed in a crowd of classmates, and his talents and abilities so will not be revealed until the end.But when home schooling all just completely different.Sometimes the baby appears excessive indulgence or, conversely, excessive strictness.
  4. material side of the issue.In most cases, school education in our country is still free.Costs, of course, may be, but they tend to boil down to pay for textbooks, food, and a rare collection of funds for repairs or gifts for teachers.Home learning requires the involvement of private teachers, whose services may be hit hard on the budget.