Viennese coffee.

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Europe in the 17th century, which for tea some a century is not yet accustomed to the coffee looked as absolutely useless drink that such and difficult to call, and drink it is impossible, too: a bitter and black, it causes more concernrather than a desire to try a sip.

And it is unlikely the Turkish drink would taste delicious Austrians, if it was not adapted for the Europeans.Over time, the Viennese coffee, the recipe of which hit the simplicity and genius, was a unique drink and gained a lot of ways to prepare and serve.By the way, to different types of product referred to in the Vienna Café serves specifically for these desserts.

it all began

formulation of the Viennese drink, oddly enough, is whether the Polish, or Ukrainian roots.During the siege of Vienna by Turkish troops heroically distinguished himself whether Kolshitsky Pole, whether Ukrainian merchant Kulchytsky.The award for military valor, he was granted the right to choose a gift for yourself.The enterprising shopkeeper has chosen 300 bags of coffee beans, captured from the enemy.

Despite the strangeness of choice, the authorities denied the request.And after some time, Vienna was fascinated by the scent of "infidel" and drink it change the taste.The initial prescription Viennese coffee was a mixture of the standard of Turkish coffee with milk and sugar.

Updated coffee enjoyed great popularity among Austrians.

now many recipes

Hardly anyone thinks of the modern barista regular coffee with milk original.Each of the artists in Vienna adds zest to the drink on my own, so you can find a variety of cafes Viennese coffee, the recipe of which is fresh and unique.

Coffee with chocolate with orange peel, chicory and traditionally - with the milk.Almost each of the institutions has its own coffee brand prescription Viennese coffee.Technology of preparation of any of the options is based on a simple yet: in strong coffee add milk or heavy cream.Bitter sweet to do.Classics of the genre

to try in your kitchen a classic Viennese coffee, recipe you want to use is not modern, and of those of old, who had come from, if not 17, then from the 18th century.

The most important thing for the classics - to adhere to all the nuances described in the cookbook.She argues that the true Viennese beverage obtained from the raw beans, roasted himself.

So, you will need:

  • 30-40 grams of grains;
  • 100 grams of milk;
  • 50 grams of black or milk chocolate;
  • ten - and tridtsatipyatiprotsentnye cream - 4 and 1 tbsp respectively.

Heat the milk, melt the chocolate in it, add to the mix a ten cream and stir everything thoroughly.But it is not heated to excessively high temperatures, otherwise the cream and chocolate rolled.

On a dry frying pan fry the beans to chocolate-brown, then there would have to fry a little longer than usual (it's called the present Viennese roasting).

grinding grain fill them into the cup, pour boiling water and let it brew.Meanwhile, whip the mixture of chocolate, milk and cream and pour in a thin stream of hot coffee, put the foam cream 35%, decorate with grated chocolate or sugar.

Viennese coffee with cream and chocolate connoisseurs considered the most delicious.

with citrus zest

main task of coffee craftsmen - surprised by what seems to be impossible to surprise.Species Viennese coffee (recipe, in fact, one and the drink tastes different), there are many, one of the most interesting - with cinnamon and orange zest.


  • 30 ml ready black coffee (Viennese necessarily roasting);
  • 0,5 cream cup home;
  • peel, cinnamon, nutmeg - to taste.

in a cup of hot drink heavily put whipped cream, sprinkle generously and to add zest "bouquet" of cinnamon and nutmeg.


This is one of the favorite species in Austria Viennese coffee.The recipe is so simple that it can prepare a drink and a child, if the parents will weld pre-foundation.


  • 6 teaspoons of natural ground coffee;
  • 1 teaspoon sugar;
  • 150 ml cream;
  • little cocoa and icing sugar for decoration;
  • chocolate syrup to taste.

Coffee mixed with sugar, add cold water and boil.Pre-whipped cream in a solid foam, and put in the refrigerator, and when the foundation is ready, drain it in clear cups or glasses, hoist the cream on top "cap", pour chocolate syrup, sprinkle with icing and cocoa.

to drink should be served straws because the density of the foam does not immediately allow access to the coffee.

Average melange

What is a "simple" (ie without cream) Viennese coffee?Recipe of the popular drink in a simplified version was not so usual.Impeccable taste and flawless presentation - everything is so exquisitely, so noble ... And everything - from a minimum of ingredients.


  • 1 tablespoon of ground coffee;
  • 200 grams of milk;
  • sugar to taste.

Having roasted Viennese grain, grind them and prepare a strong coffee.In a separate bowl should boil milk.Cups for this type of drink need warm, so the dishes must be heated in the microwave or the oven before serving.

When the cup "prepared", you need both of the two buckets to pour them coffee and milk that the components do not mix, and formed the original pattern.

This drink does not require additional accessories - intricate weave of black and white always look great.