Flying teabag (trick and history)

This funny trick with tea bag makes an indelible impression on all who have not seen it before.For the execution does not require any special skills, just a tea bag.

To manufacture of tea bag (optional - double) aircraft, it is necessary to save him from paper clips, threads, labels carefully deploy, pour out his trash, called the tea, make a paper skeleton of tubular shape, set the pipe on a flat, solid, non-combustible surface and (avoiding hot air) to ignite the top.All these actions can accompany the story, but can be done in silence.Burning ashes flies two meters, or even more.

placed below a video showing the flight bags of three firms.

Required items:

• Saucer
• New teabag
• matches or lighters
• Scissors

text, tells the magician (variations are possible depending on the imagination of the narrator) and incidental manipulation.

our astronauts flew to the Moon, and when landing at their lander broke one leg (shown as a tea bag is lowered into a saucer and set with a large roll).They have already begun to say goodbye to the life, because there is no way back, and that do not know.Came out - and there across the plain have a lot of ships is: American, British, German ....Our

rushed for help: help, humans.Give us your ship for a few days we back to Earth for help to fly, bring parts and will return your vehicle.Americans say "Ok. We'll give you the ship, but only for a million dollars, and at once."Our

cried: "How can I? Where did we on the Moon lemon bucks? In our spacesuits and pockets, not really."
- Well, as you like, - said enterprising Americans.- We will help offered - our conscience is clear.
- Tell me - said at least enterprising Russian (tea bag takes up the banner) is that you?
- It?Fairing to atmospheric entry air resistance is weaker than it was.
- How much?
- 400 thousand dollars - proudly answered enterprising Americans.
- Yes, the hell us your fairing?- Said the Russian.- (With these words taken tulza 2k 2.0, which is cut off and a banner on the bag).
- What's that?- Asked Russian (shown on twisted pair).
- Are you fallen from the moon?This is our spaceship.It is also worth 400 thousand dollars.
- Yes, we do not need your vehicle, take you (cut the cable with the top of the bag. The hand remains uncovered tea bag inside).
- What's that?- Ask the curious Russian (pointing to tea).
- tea, ugh, fuel rocket to fly home.We will sell for 200 thousand dollars.
- Leave the fuel itself (tea poured out - but not on a saucer, and to the side, like all other parts of the cut).
- What's that?
- This fuel tank.
- How much?
- Not at all worth it.When the fuel is burned, it is ejected.
- Give it to us, oh please!- Cried the cunning Russian.
- Take ...

Russian sat down in a fuel tank (need to stretch the bag and put the paper tube in the middle of the saucer vertically), turn the ignition (gently to the upper part of the structure is brought fire, why she happily breaks) and began to be considered (by'll have to rehearse in advancethat at a crucial moment everything happened): "Five ... four ... three ...".

At the expense of "one" neat oshmetok ashes, still retains its original shape, it should be pretty soar to the ceiling, carried away by rising air currents
... and flew home!

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