How to remove the thigh for a few days

problem of extra centimeters in the hips is familiar to many women and girls.This attractive and seductive part of the body sometimes, due to certain circumstances, bringing their only owners of tears and frustration.

own experience I can say that pesky "ears" on the thighs, and an increase of a couple of sizes in clothes are not only related overeating or unhealthy lifestyle.A certain type of shape, age, environment and poor quality food - and we just do not notice how from month to month our hips are getting bigger and "heavy."

But do not despair and in tears eats extra kilos.Dissatisfaction with the figure - a reason to take for themselves, the better immediately.How to remove the hip?

Start with attitude.Soberly assess yourself, calculate extra weight, obmerte problem areas measuring tape and sign advance their achievements.For example, lose a pound for 2-3 days, or clean up after a month of 1-2 cm from the thighs.

Review your diet.Why do you need a bun before bedtime?Have a better glass of milk, tea.Do not leave the thought of eating?Switch to something more "urgent": check the assignment of a child to stroke her husband a shirt, to pass things on a shelf, etc.Or take the husband / girlfriend / player / book and go for an evening stroll.

Avoid bad emotions in life, dissatisfaction with himself, crying!How to remove the hips?Will a positive mood, a desire to move and look good.

The third component of the "how to remove the hip" - Training.Or, yoga, fitness, or just a set of exercises that you can do at home in the hall or bedroom.

Remember, the effect appears only when you will move more.This means no more walking through the bazaars and shops, or an apartment, wiping dust.Will set of specific exercises, forced to work a specific muscle group.

So, how to remove the thigh.Start simple: climb to your floor by stairs.By doing monotonous work, from time to time squat or lift the legs bent at the knees.Squats and lifting and holding the feet, knees bent (rotated) served the author, rocking the house the child in a baby carriage.

How to remove the hip for a week.This will help, and such exercises:

stand near the wall, rest both hands, and in turn allot straight legs to the side, slightly delaying them in this position.Suitable each leg 15 (available 10) times.

  • Stand with your back to the wall.Imagine that you sit on a chair.Resting his back against the wall, slowly lower yourself to the "seat".Hold for a few seconds and slowly rise.The back should be straight.
  • Remember school physical education classes.Remove thighs will help some simple exercises that we were forced to do the teacher:
  • stand up straight.Without losing balance, stand with your feet wide.Transfer the weight to one leg, sit down.In this position, move the weight to the other leg is straightened.Now start with the other leg.Approach: 10-12.
  • jog or just walk around the apartment, the most highly lifting knees bent legs.

Wondering "How to remove the thigh," remember about massage with special tumblers and cosmetics. Not enough time? After a bath or douche rub the problem areas hard with a towel, a sponge until the skin turns red and is felt warmth. So youstrengthen blood circulation and reduce fluid retention in problem areas.

Do not forget the stretching exercises. Sit on the floor, back and legs straight. One leg bend at the knee and move her other leg. Now press down on one knee bent leg downwardsin an effort to press the knee to the floor.

follow the diet and do regular exercise program. A week later the result will make you smile and believe in themselves. Good luck!