Comparisons of swallows and swifts: similarities and differences

Quite often, people make comparisons swallows and swifts.The similarity in their appearance simply amazing.Both families integrate small, if not tiny birds, spending most of his life in flight.However, despite the apparent external similarity, they belong to different species.If one includes in the squad apodiformes, others are passerines.And all their similarity is explained in the same way of life.Both species are carried out mainly in her flight.It must be noted that the shape of a short beak is about the same, to make comparisons swallows and swifts.

similarity because they both eat, catching insects in flight.Therefore, their main food are usually the bees, wasps, mosquitoes, flies, termites and even ants.Basically, those insects moving swarms of flying through are guaranteed to remain with the loot.


One should not forget about their legs, making comparisons of swallows and swifts.The similarities are no less than amazing.They are short and totally not suitable for walking on a flat surface, with their help, we can only cling to the bumps, ridges and rocks, masonry, clippings or bark.

for air hunting requires great speed and excellent maneuverability, you need to be able to do air stunts, without losing speed.Fusiform body and long, narrow wings help them in this.The similarity with swallows and swifts in that they both can not boast of large size, but could settle around the world.

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Many species of swallows live quite large, but in rare cases and in small colonies, some of them settle in burrows underground, while others build nests high.The close proximity to people assisting both sides.Next to the houses there is always swallows eat and nest under the roof is much more pleasant.

addition, the presence of a person protected them from surprise attacks falcons.And the swallows and swifts encouraging each of us to the beauty of the flight, a quiet pleasant gurgling voice and destroyed a huge amount of harmful insects.Bird Swift, whose photos can be seen in many zoozhurnalah - one of the most useful birds in our surroundings.

interesting note

There is a sign: if the swallows made a nest under your roof, then you will be happy.In Arab countries, for that they even called birds of paradise.There is also another old Russian omen: the swallows fly low - to rain.However, it is correct to call the observation before precipitation insects fall below due to water vapor, and that's our bird fall behind them.

As long as people are not settled in the houses of the colony of these birds have been small, but the abundance of forage, as well as a fairly comfortable place to nests have led to the fact that the population began to grow rapidly.

not making an analysis of ways of accommodation, you can not do a full comparison of swallows and swifts.The similarity in this case is simply amazing.Not all of them build nests out of lumps of earth, but to distinguish one from the other is impossible.Both species prefer to live in a hole, the hollow of a birdhouse.