Do you know how to distinguish false from true mushrooms?

honey agaric harvest season is September.This month, a fairly high percentage of poisoning false twins.The main danger lies in the fact that poisonous mushrooms are very difficult to distinguish from edible.Therefore, each mushroom, going to the "quiet hunt" just have to know how to distinguish false from true mushrooms.This knowledge can save from severe poisoning, and maybe even death.

golden rule mushroomer

The first is to remember the golden rule of mushroom picker - to put in shopping cart can only mushrooms that you know well and not just collected.If you have any doubts, it is best not to take a suspicious fungus.It is unwise to risk the health of such trifles!

What you need to know to avoid becoming a victim of false honey agaric mushrooms

should have clear signs of "edible".Of estimates of the real in the first place has a strong smell of mushroom, which manifests itself immediately if slightly dislocate mushroom.All kinds of false honey agarics different distinct earthy odor.

In addition, these autumn mushrooms grow on stumps in such huge quantities that are not on the spot at a time they can collect a huge bucket or basket.That is why, as soon as the harvest season comes, avid mushroom pickers, most often to run for a long time chose the place where every year gathers a large crop of honey agaric.However, no matter how proven any mushroom place, vigilance is not necessary.

Still, the smell - is not the only feature that is worth paying attention to.There are several ways in which to distinguish the true from the false mushrooms.You should carefully consider the cap.At present they do not have a honey agaric bright color, always light brown.While the color caps of false honey agarics varies from bright yellow to deep red.Catchy color directly points to the "falsity" Armillaria.

Following the color to draw attention to the presence or absence of the characteristic ring under the cap.In his mushroom called "skirt".This name was given because of the direct similarity to the subject of women's wardrobe.So sign ("skirt") have only real edible mushrooms.But here we must be careful mushroomer.Young, just "hatched" mushroom-film ring increment to the cap.For a good example of how to distinguish false from true mushrooms, here are photos of edible honey agarics with young unformed "skirt".Although, if you look closely, you'll find that it is the young mushroom is still present, but not yet expanded form, and merges with the base cap, forming a sort of arachnoid cover, similar to the conventional thickening of the mushroom stem.False honey agaric Do not even hint at the presence of "skirts".

In conclusion

And finally, the last way how to distinguish the true from the false mushrooms.You should carefully study the structure of the cap.In false Armillaria you find specific scales that are unique edible fungus.Moreover, the "false" glossy texture of different hats, but real - matte.

Once you have learned how to distinguish false from true mushrooms, we can only summarize.So, once again, you have to be careful.If estimates of location does not have at least one of the above symptoms (mushroom smell, scaly matt cap, light brown or cobweb "skirts"), the fungus is better to leave it where it grows.

We wish you a successful "silent hunting" without unpleasant consequences and health risks.Take care of yourself!