What questions can be set when meeting and the first meeting

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Everyone has relatives and friends, colleagues and acquaintances - a huge number of people that always have to communicate.But sometimes people this seems a little and you just want to start a new company.Here in this situation and useful tips that tell you what questions you can ask when meeting and the first meeting, so as not to frighten off a potential friend.

About rules

Rules Looking for girls and boys about the same.What to do: to be sincere, open person, simply - himself.Why is not recommended to do: try to be too original - it looks unnatural;lie, because a lie can be revealed soon.It is worth remembering that any acquaintance or conversation will contain questions.Here should also be careful not to overreact.No need to hold an interrogation, the questions should be logical and arrogant.In general, short - that's all you need to remember.

Recommendations girls

Since most of the initiators are dating guys, girls do not need to know how to set the very first question, which should attract the attention of a person of the opposite sex.But what questions to ask a guy you can talk with the future - is taken into account.So, what to ask?Most often girls are interested in hobbies young man, as well as a place of study or work.After hearing the answers to these questions, the more you can clarify for themselves, until the financial status of men.No need to ask direct, impudent questions about earning his companion, it can alert him and he doubted the purity of intentions of the girl.If the base of the present life has been heard, you can ask Man childhood, his parents, as well as the presence of other relatives - brothers, sisters.There is also possible to get a fairly long conversation that will be quite interesting information about this person.If, however, very hard to find a common theme, you can just try to discuss something inconsequential, such as, for example, a new movie or the best place for eating pizza with friends along the way asking questions.

any further questions you can ask the man on the first date?With maximum pleasure all people talk about their hobbies - that it is also possible to ask the interlocutor.And so, I do not particularly think about it, it is necessary to discuss and talk about what it is easy, even if it may be a bit out of place, according to etiquette at the first meeting.

recommendations guys

No less important will be advice on what questions can be asked the girl at the time of dating or first meeting.Very important here is the very first question, because that guy has to start a self introduction.What to say to get attention like a girl?A huge number of options.You can simply ask where he was, for example, the nearest cafe or restaurant.Or ask a mundane and seemingly innocuous question.Further, it is worth trying to develop the idea by asking something like "Do you like it there?" ("There's comfortable?", "How do you think there is a kitchen?"), And so on. D. If the woman is not against the talk and willing to answer, then it is completelyopen for new acquaintances, throw a fishing rod!Still any questions can ask the girl at the time of dating that they seem mundane?For example: "What time is it?", "How often do the bus Wx?" And so on. D.Chto to do when they first met?Quite simply, a list of questions about the same as when meeting with the guys (described above).Figure out what questions to ask, you can girls every man can feel more confident and not afraid of new acquaintances.